Payed woman with a heart, yes could be so!!!!!!!  

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5/2/2005 12:34 pm

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Payed woman with a heart, yes could be so!!!!!!!

Yesterday......selfish...I had an orgy......again.....shit boring! I met a woman of 43 years old in the club of an old ex-gf of mine. We went at 06.00, after my old ex's to the beach to drink coffeee.......after some bottles of whisky I quess or better I remember.
I god f**ked by them 24 and the other 43(5 childs owned her)....tough women and I admit I respect her couragous and willing to bring up into that life (5 childs by her own without a father). She is not a bitch or even slut but a woman who decided to throw away her husband because of f**king younger women at the time she was ready to born 3 child together. No I respect her and f**king her doesn't been something so bad as many wished.
That's the reason I haven't been in here for 2 days now.
Today the same girls or women asked me to go to the bar I usually go and meet them but....... I had already arranged something......something naughty. I went with my co-orperators in a bar.....for first time. My co-oorporater's are the one 38 and the other 45. I am just 26 right!
Went there, to the bar and start drinkin....talking and watching around. Saw 2 women......innocent ones, the one's not looking around. One said, they are English girls, the others said that are german's, talked by a friend of him. I, the youngest one said just these: They are Austrian girls. They laughed all. The one chooses to treat them some short drinks and asked me to go and talk to them in my borned language. I said just right back with some company as you are afraid. Went on their table, talked them a few and returned in 1 minute with 2 beautiful womens back to the bar. They got cold........more cold when learned that they were Austrian.
They kept talking to them and looking at me....I kept drinking my drink with my hands into my pocket and just looked around.
They apologised and left and I did not even care about it. I did it for some good friend of mine, not for me.
They were talking to me that I was so intelligent, so courageous and so fucking right of saying them where they were from.
I had a sms into my mobile on that time just writing : Well we are awaiting you for a fun like yesterday. Guessed right, the women from last night.......still await my answer.
We decided to go to a strip bar. We said that no one will treat women a drink and just go for fun....we just all got angree and me too.
After a while, as being slept for 3 hours the last 3 days I said to them just this......! Well my friends, today I will go sleep a few early, I feel tired, I didn't bring money with me as known that I will go sleep very me 100 euros right now.
Ok, so tired are you, so as to leave as with just a slut. Yes will you give me or not? Ok boy, go for it.
I went for a prive, with a 24 years old Norwegian girl into that "nice bar"....just a champaign for 2 hours with her.
No I didn't f**k her, no I was not rude, no I didn't f**k her at all! I just drank my champaign with her and had a so nice chat.
She was shaking after a while, she said me that I was different, that she wanted to give me a little performance. Ok, go for it.
Started licking my neck, my stomach, taking off my T-shirt and when she got irritating me, with her tits on my cock just said her that! You and me, not here, not watching you, in my place when you finish....I don't want to fuck you...just drink a champaign with you.
She got crazy and replied to me. Untill now, everyone in here is telling me how a sexy body I have, that they want me to fuck me and that I am the woman they want to marry.
Lady, You are sexy, you are so honest, I like you a lot but you believe in romance, although in such a place?
She got crazy, she start licking her mouth, start shaking her body....just got crazy!
Now what KK? ---Well keep enjoying your champaign, keep dreaming.....drop the half of the bottle just to finish the private time earlier ..... but don't be so regreted of your job. It is just a job, not your Life.
She started to cry and I was the asshole to lick her cries from her beautiful Eyes. She was just staring at me, just looking at me and said to me. You are not a human, you must be something else, you must be at this life, at this job, it doesn't seem me to laugh with you, Take me in your arms I am so hurted.
Lost my Dad at 15, My mom died when I was borned, I live in your country for over 1 year and the only thing I hear is Men saying me, that they want to f**k Marry me and pay me.
You sit next to me, licked my tits gently...licked my feet and when I started performance, you prefered me to stop. Why?
My dear, your job doesn't show who you really are, your words are just your job, just the word obtained to be said........but your Eyes never lie.
Watch me dancing. --- No I will see you out there, in the stage, keep looking at me and desire me, I am next to you.
I finish at 6 am, will you await me? Yes my dear. Will you fuck me? No my Dear, we will go to a bakery and eat a just fresh, hot cheesepie and drink a coffe.
Fucking shit, I am in, with you, I trust you.
No, I am an asshole, a hurted one!
Yes but untill now you could have fucked me over 3 times!
---So what? If I would like to fuck, I would do so but I am tired of that.
I love your way, uou seem so painful, so engourage me and make me feel so happy and worth to live for.
You are so hot baby that I don't deserve you.
Asshole Mister KK, you don't deserve me or I don't deserve you?
Well baby, here in my country they say : Keep loking for the right woman, whatever she comes from, whatever she looks likes, from whoever she was fucked from, It's just in the atmosphere when you feel a romance about someone.
What happened? Well I am so selfish that I will let you know. Right now it is 040 in the mornig her.....still haven't slept.....I am at my home and writing this but why?
Just to go the clock till 06.00, the time she finish her job and we finally meet. She was crying when I left the place, and I have already a meassage from her saying that can't wait wait to meet me in 2 hours. If I gonna fuck? Doesn't bother me at all....if I wanted then I could be at my old ex's bar and have again an orgie but I prefer the one. The just payed woman from Norway, that was crying in my arm when I could fuck her and did not. I am so selfisf, such an asshole. She is one of the hottest woman that I have ever met in my life and You know something? I don't give a shit if she was so many times fucked by Men, if her job's is an unwanted. I fucked more women in my life, I am a bigger asshole, and wanna give that a nice try! Although hurt, I think there is some romance around the world.
I keep writing this still now and I need 1 and 30 hours to wait her. I can not wait for her. She said one sentence that hurted me a lot without meaning it and without understanding that
------Don't know why KK, but I trust you alot and wanna see you later on. Please, come and take me in your place, don't fuck me nut just keep me in your arms, wanna listen to your voice, wanna see your Eyes. That hurted me a lot. That's what I call honesty, trust and whatever you call it.
I will meet her in a few and I don;t car by not slleping again tonight, I don't care of her job and finally if that will be the same and after then I don;t care to take her out of that job and make her mine, make her stop working, make her be a part of my fucking ashhole life at all.
I am not the Great fucker or the big Fucker, I am not a rich man of the world, I am just a big asshole, just a hurted one, just a Man.believing still in this called romance. I am free and so I will stay to.
Wish to fuck her but afraid to tough her honesty and trust. Asked me to do so but still afraid to. That for me seems to be something, meaning something.

You laugh at me now but I will tell you only this now. Keep laughing. I am just a 26 years old Man but I never sayed you about my past, a small biography of my life. You don't matter, you don't care but you all wished to live as I live.
I will explain that one other day but for some people I love listening in here I have to write them a polite responce for their encouraging words written to me.

Not necessary for many but necessary for me. Loved to hear that English is not my First language. Right, my first language is Greek. I speak good English? I speak the way I want to speak and believ me I can do it better. Would you like me to write you AMerican English, easy too but not for me in here, prefer to whisper them in your Ears, make them melt into your eyes and irritate you most. Do you think that's all I can do? Then Let's see a few better ----

--Loved 'ya speaking your language
---I don't mind to spaek English too at last....chears mike!
---Spreche auch Deutsch und can auch sehr gut Verstanden!
-----Parlo pocco Italiano, Capicchi molto.
---- Parlavou Franschai, ( Oh shit - this language I can speak but don't know how to write).
----- Milaw Ellinika se opoia 8elei ( Greek with latin's letters)
------ Kitos to all (Oops sorry to ...)

Yes I know, I am so selfish and such an asshole, such an.....such........that I love you all and you hate me all.

Well maybe you will be able to read this, maybe you will see my mess spelling as being awaiting for my Dynamite woman now--------- She is not a slut, she is human and I don't like to hear you saying that again!
Maybe this will be denied and I will probably not remenber that tomorrow again....tomorrow or tonight????????? Still don't remember at all but what the hell still 1 hour left now.
Lov' ya all and finally I will tel' ya this! No so women from my country enjoyning this fuckin' life....that's all just folks. Love ya lot...and see ya soon!!!!!!!!
Oops, I can speak as 'ya want but still I am an asshole at all. Take 'ya care of yours (really mess up my words and know that! ---- Shall i laugh now or later, don't know really.

Just Me --- EAGLE KK

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