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4/19/2005 5:25 pm

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No "B**ch" - Thank you!

When I first met you, you were an innocent woman, a virgin, your soul and heart was pure and nice.
We met and made a relationship. I explored you into sex life, into relationship, into living with a Man caring you…wanting you…learning you…and teaching you.

You were innocent, you knew about my life, my wants, my needs, my desires and Me. You won my trust. Somehow I trusted you too.

Started training you and teaching you how to communicate with people, I show you what to do ... when to do. I show you how to talk with all, join all conversations, not to afraid anything. Taught you to have opinion, to disagree with me, encouraged you to be open-minded.
After a while you could talk with anyone, have Men for friends and also trust me. You were not afraid of anything, had opinion, had option to disagree and last to go out with your friends without me.
You first started with a normal sex life, "Vanilla Style". Not even thinking for Oral sex, not even for licking the others body. Learned in a while hot to make Oral Sex, how to have anal sex, Let you to explore my body. After a While you learned food fetishes, dildos, toys.
You trusted everything and you accepted to learn more and more. You were so open-minded that you learned how to have sex in public and you had no fear of it, how to have sex while someone is in the same room and he didn’t see or understand anything.
You learned the basically one. How to feel free and do whatever, whenever you wanted but also knew that I didn’t have to say to stop something annoying but my you could Read my Eyes, Know if something was right or not.
You learned or better, felt free to speak on your mobile with Men and that it wasn’t bother me at all and you learned to understand me too.
Last you learned hot to merge Men knowing what could make me crazy and what not and didn’t be annoyed from me, merging women.
Started waking me up at 04 in the morning by giving me oral, by sitting your Ass on me, or even sometimes slapping me to wake up.
I was glad and happy of you as there was a good chemistry. I was happy you passed the fear of your average body. Gave you to understand that wouldn’t a minus to live your Life. You enjoyed it a lot, started dressing also with skirts, wearing a T-shirt without Bra and showing your tits. Wearing stockings without caring about your body as you know I was staring you and mind of you.

But I made a mistake Baby, Felt in love with you. You started saying me how much you love me, waiting me for marring you, waiting for the time that we would be forever together. I made a mistake baby. Went to Army.

It was the only period you would like to go to your parents and live with them until I finish the Army. You were watching me less now. Listening my anger on phone, something usually for who ever goes to army. You wanted me sometimes and couldn’t have me. They send me somewhere far away from you.
Every time I was taking “freedom” for 5 and more days, I was coming near you, having sex with you, talking with you.
All this until I learned you were fucking with a young boy, not even 20 years old.

At that time, although I knew it, I came to you again, said nothing, had sex with you, kept treating you like nothing happened, like it was never be a fact, as I didn’t knew it. Kept giving you orgasms, stick it wherever you wanted it. Calling you in your mobile, giving you money when ever you needed them, for paying your bills, for taking clothes or even to pay off your credit cards.

After that, you kept having fun with this boy. I came again in your place, caught you and said you everything I knew and you were totally surprised. We had an argument, you said you wanted to live alone, to separate each other. All this after 7 years living together. Took my clothes and left, went back to the Army for finishing it but kept you in my mind. I knew I loved you and still was caring you. We kept talking on telephone, you kept saying me your problems, saying me that you made mistake.
I never said that you made a mistake. I was stupid.

You called mr one day and asked me to come in Athens. You wanted to meet me, you wanted to feel me, you wanted to fuck me, wanted me to meet your parents. What did I do Baby? Come the very next day. Lived in a hotel, having sex with you, Anal, Oral.
Made you public sex, merged you all around. Met your parents, said that I will take you and give you a ring. Had to go back to Army and still loved you. I had only two more months to finish and time wasn’t passing.

Finished Army and came again in Athens to ask you for marriage. When I did so to surprise you, you got angry telling them that we were not anymore together, that you said me to separate.

This time I felt humiliated. It was so bad for me. I got fucking crazy and angry. So much that the same day I took the airplane and left back to my Island. I was so hurt with you that I couldn’t think.

Didn’t pass one month and you started calling me, saying me your problems about your work, about credit cards, about parents and many others.
I was nice with you and kept calming you, saying nothing is wrong, be patient, everything is going to fix and such bullshits.
I took one month free from work and told you about it and you asked me if I would like to come there to spend some days.

DOG: wuw ,wuw, wuw (dog's voice)

I came again, fucked you, Shouted you, said that I love you, make you embarrassed about what you did. You started wanting me, begging me to come and sleep at your home. Making new sex fantasies true, trying more staff and saying me to fuck you harder.

Dog: I believed them all.

Went back home to buy the rings to arrange some things I had to be arranged.
Wouldn’t take me more than one week to arrange all, Prepared My house, bought furniture’s, bought a car, the car you always kept me saying that wish to have and many others. When I got ready of these all, called you to say I am coming in Athens to ask you from your parents. You said once more that you are Thinking about it, fear about It and that you didn't know if you wanted it.

Ok baby. That was the finally shot. I closed my eyes, my ears, my heart. Started forgetting you. I decided that you don’t worth for me. Decided to eat my heart and started looking my self.
Met and went after we broke up with over 25 women, made new relationships, having night stands, tried many fantasies, other over 40 years old, others less from your age (25). Having fun, joined some couples (women). Made many women friends. Made my own jobs and having really good time.

And all this until yesterday. Yesterday I saw a call from you on my mobile, in the morning. Afternoon, at my other mobile number. At night called me my mother and said that you were asking about me, that you can not find me on mobile, if I changed number and so on.
Well baby, I have to say only this. I learned you, I made you live, I forgiven you for your stupid sex hunger, I was patient on humiliation.
So long where have you been…what were you were you spending your time?
When I called you and you were fucking with someone did I say something bad?

Now you remember me again for any reason, you only know why, and you wait me to answer my mobile and talk with you?

No "B**ch" - Thank you!

I am having fun all the time; I am one day here and the at next other day somewhere else.
I am going out without caring if you have a good time, or having fun.
I am staying at the Office as long as I want without caring that you are expecting me.
I am again the Dominant of my self and I closed my heart for a while.

Are you waiting me to answer your call?

No "B**ch" - Thank you!

I will not be your dog again. I keep loving you, keep thinking of you, missing of you. Missing your smile, you voice, your body, your sex experiences (knowing what I like and how I like it).

Shall I Answer your call to make me need you, to make me think of you, to make me for third time to come back to you.?

How will your parents take it when they see me again next to you? Loose my Men Ego for once more?

No "B**ch" - Thank you!

I tried two more times before, tried to keep you. I made too many for you.
Now you miss me, now you want me, now you want me to fuck you. Now you want me to accept you. Then you didn’t realize how kind I was, Now you realized that probably I am your other half. Now maybe you don’t find another Man to take care of you, to make you sex like me, to make you happy, to make you feel free or even make you trust your life in his hand.

So long (total 9 years together), only the first years you called me at my parents home, only when you really loved me you were talking with my parents like being my wife.
The rest 7 years seems to have forgotten my number there. The rest 7 years, you never called me at home, never worried about my mobile being shut. You have forgotten my number. Suddenly you call after 7 years at home and talk to my mother? Suddenly you remember my home number. Something baby isn’t wright.

No "B**ch" - Thank you!

It seems that I don’t care anymore. Maybe I still love you, maybe I still miss our sex fantasies.our dances…our everything, which were concluded, in our “relationship chapter”. No thank you baby. The story finished now and forever.

I wish you everything you want or desire to come true to you. Wish you find someone better than me ..... Wish you everything just leave me alone now.
I am again the Dominant and I will never switch my self into anything.
Difficult to love again but I am happy for me.
I have my dictionary here. I speak for my worries in here, say what bothers me in here.

No "B**ch" - Thank you!

My wings are open again, I am flying again in the Sky.....watching people....sharpen my nails.... attack were I feel attracted....Eat "new flesh".
Time is going on, make the same.

I won’t return again ever

No "B**ch" - Thank you!

I had enough, suffer, loved much.....suffer enough.

Thank you, but I learned a new method of punishment for you, a harmless one.

Just turn my shoulder and head, start walking and never look back again. No dog anymore. Go to a Pet shop and find a dog to keep you company, to lick your legs and whatever you imagine. I am an Eagle, sorry.

(I don’t feel angry but happy however that sounds).

Just Me --- EAGLE KK

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