Met her.... listened to......and Left her Alone!  

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4/21/2005 7:29 pm

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Met her.... listened to......and Left her Alone!

Well finally I met her. We had arrange that in the morning when I had the meeting with some common people of us.
I had already set up how I will react.
So I went there alone, denied her to come and pick me up from the Hotel.
We sit and drink a coffee. She was so nervous about and tried to make her feel comfortable, as nothing is wrong, by asking how she spends her time, what her parents do, friend, works and bla..bla....bla!

When she felt comfortable she started also to talk. I kept listening and only, drinking my coffee and didn't say anything at the time she was talking, explaining, saying. Sometimes I got so angry by some things she was saying but I kept it into me.
When she finished talking, I knew she was angry and nervous by not saying a think and she couldn't afford it anymore and asked me the common:

S - Well say something....just say.....something.
M - Not necessary my Dear or I have to say just a few things. Coffee was nice, I got tired of the meetings for works, feel exhausted and as long as I listened to you and you finished, I would like to go at the Hotel and have a rest
S- That's all you have to say to me?
M- What else you want me to say?
S- say I am a b**ch, say that i was wrong, say that you were right, start shouting to me
M- No my Dear, I will not say anything about it. Shit happens in our life’s, just had good time, or better we pass our best time together but it couldn't be forever. Sometimes we make some decisions and you made yours a long time ago.
I wish you everything to go as you dreamed of but now I will leave back to my Hotel to sleep.
S- Shall I came with you?
M- No.
S- I will make you relax, i will make you some massage to feel better.
M- No, I prefer to go alone to have a rest.
S- You don't feel anything anymore about me......our good times we had together. Stopped caring of me and avoiding me?
M- I care you more than you think, I am thinking you all the time, I laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry but with a big difference than the past time. Only as a Friend not as a woman.
S- So you mean that...?
M- Yes, I mean that our love story is Ended a long time ago...not now. I respected your wanting finally so do please the same.
We can't be together
S- Let's try to, maybe, let me come to the Hotel and .....
M- We tried again I think but as we say, when the glass brakes then it doesn't stick again.
S- Then if I asked you to have the separate party......our last night.....our totally goodbye sex time?
M- No and stop that. I am going back to the hotel.

I left and leave her there. I am back at my Hotel just alone, thinking if i have made the right think.
I wanted so much......I got crazy by watching her opposite of me....I don't care her as a friend...I lied to her but I know I made the right think for both of us.

Even having sex could harm us both more, at least me for sure and didn't want to have the same pain again. Until now she has sent me SMS in my mobile saying different things(17 sms) but the only think I see by reading those is that she is at her home safe and that makes me happy.

The other bad think for her is that she got more kilos again and get dressed with classic clothes, afraid to show any inch of her body.
Could have change her life? I don't think so, people never change....just make them selves a little more comfortable to the other so as to shown as changed.

The reason she want to separate from me at the past was a stupid for me but maybe for others not.

She said to me that got tired at the last years to watch me always say yes to her, never argue about something, trusted her at all and she was with the younger guy only because he had always arguments with her and also she was teaching him the things learned from Me.

These are the listening things that were making me crazy.

Finally My Love you heard A NO from Me and this was your worst. Wished or not you listened from me a No and I think you know now how I felt.
I never involved you into the role of punishment but know you learned the worst punishment from all. Left you behind for ever. Without a toy, without touching you...without anything just the biggest punishment. Turned my Head....Kept walking straight, head up and smiling face.
You forgot the maxim we use to say : "as you set you sleep"

Just Me --- EAGLE KK

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