How do you know your sex experience is more than others and is it true?  

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4/19/2005 5:15 pm

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How do you know your sex experience is more than others and is it true?

Well ok like most in here I got in here by accident. Ok like most I kept surfing around here. Like most I have read and respond articles and question. Well ok like most I created my own Blog. Well like most I still try to read more for this alternative life..... Lot experience on it...... to try it in many ways.

So started to search profiles and have a closer look up on them. Most of them describe someone’s musts/wants...... and certainly desires and fantasies.

Some are writing that are inexperienced and some Masters. Well here I make a question and play a role game with my self for this part:

KK: you have experience and you can teach me, show me many things and make my fantasies come true.
F: Yes my dear I will treat you like a young innocent child..... Will drive you crazy....... make your fantasies come true.
KK: sounds so irritated.
F: Wait until we meet and you will see.
KK: can't wait my Master......

Many hours eating my nails, biting my fingers, eating some chocolates, drinking coffee and smoking like a chimney.
Finally times come and my dark desires are getting true. After looking, after chatting after trying I see something unexpected. I was the Master and she my student.
KK: Ummm.....Wellll......what went wrong?
F: I think you are more experienced, and you hide it so as to have a full control on me and laugh on me.
KK: That's not true.

Well it can go on the opposite way also. To be the dominant.
KK: I will handle you and treat you in gently.
F: Yes please because it’s a new style for me and I want to learn.
KK: Don’t be afraid all you have to do is relax and everything will follow.
F: Keep my mind on traveling on my fantasies.
KK: Time to cross the line of the fantasies and stay at your real life.

Finally time comes.....everything is set up: ...... foods
The game starts and finishes.
KK: Only shit.....
F: Yeah right
KK: That's what you call student?
F: Well that's what I thought about my self.
KK: O.K never mind.......I think I need a week to assemble my self after the train crash.

What is the point on these two roles???? Well I just a question on my self today while I was in a beach.......had my ice coffee and was burning my body under the shiny hot sun.......and watching nice bodies of women around.....(showing nipples.....wearing Tangas.......put oil on their body).
Hey what if you go and chat on them and make them meet tonight to spend a time of sex with them? Will you be a Dominant or a submissive? Will you be the Master who controls the game or the student who learns?

Well then come suddenly this alt in my mind...... (Shy). Here you can see the profiles and read about peoples you like to. You can chat with them.....e-mail them......have a closer look at them. Here you will know from the beginning what you are expecting to..... What you will face on.

Ok I say I am inexperienced so as not to be a fool or lier.
F: Why is that???......Why a Lier?????........Why a fool?????
KK: Well because I easily managed a profile, I say what activities I enjoyed, what I like and what not, keep chatting and e-mailing women. At first I think I will be a student but after it becomes the same. I have to be the Teacher. Inexperienced for me and I think probably for many people here is that they actually don't know many of this life.........they don't know their names used. Certainly most of this activities were joined one or more time but never be curious how that is called.
Candle Wax and anal sex (give to women) sure is easy to know how is called but others you tried?

My point here and that's why I marked my self as a switcher is because, I can not know my experience for sure. What I mean? Easily. Until now I was the dominant as it is called in here. I spend my life with many women and girls. I live in the most popular destination for tourists. I used to have for 3 years a shop in Faliraki (crepes and pizza). I had rooms to let upon my shop and I also lived there. Many women from other countries (England, German, Austria, Italian, Americans most). I had many of them other by meeting them in my shop where they were coming to eat food, others on the beach, and others at clubs.
Good time with all I don't denied. Tourists and of course also Greek girls as I not mentioned it. But I made a second question to my self.
Who of them was the dominant? None.
Maybe it is my luck .......maybe I meet only students.....maybe I meet women with no experiences.......maybe it is my style that (to be a Dominant). I don't know what is wrong or if it is so by my style. I don't know if it plays its part that I lost virginity at my 11. (The only time I can say I was not a dominant as I didn't realize what exactly the feeling was).
Age for me has not a clue to mark someone as experienced. Why is that??????? Well I like bigger women and actually the time I broke up I meet only bigger women and older than me so as expecting they have experiences(Many years having sex.......trying other stuff........mature and bla....bla...bla.....
No success there too. My last active woman was 42 with 2 children’s.......hey ......divorced. We had a very good time every day but she was with only to be learned. Usually boring sex life as she mentioned every day..........wanted to try things she never had before.........had fantasies that until she meets me were restric denied to her. Well we meet sometimes now but I don't like it anymore.

So all of this boring post was only for a thought of mine with some questions. Ok I don't say I am the Master........ I have the total Experiences........ I am the submissive.........I am the teacher........I’m the student.........the pet. I say easily that I am the switcher. Maybe one day I will be luckier and will learn something from a woman......maybe never.

A yeahhhh you are right. Certainly I will know from the beginning what I will face form a woman. As already I will have read her profile - exchanged e-mails - chat a lot - said fantasies - had cybersex - phone fantasies and whatever. Yes right but.......................
Maybe it is another poser!!!! Oooopppsssssss.
Yeah a poser or a faker.
F: come on you don't thing that so serious!!!
KK: Yes I do and for only 2 easy reasons.
1) You don't see her - she is hidden behind a computer and keyboard------- behind a mobile phone or standard phone--------behind an inbox.
2) She can say whatever she wants to, she can say many fantasies she wants to, she can say how she will be......what she will do to you......what she likes to do but really not to dare or not even had what she is saying about. Just in that time speaking she is irritated and says that........just pretend someone she would like to be or the best just to play for fun.

F: Ok and what is experience for you and how will you say that you have?
KK: After all these I am a switcher as I have no experience.
F: But you have many activities in your life until now
KK: So?
F: So you have experiences
KK: For some yes for some no
F: Huh?
KK: Easy I have experience but at what I know and on how I make it but the woman may be inexperienced for her but more experienced than me although she hasn't thought it.
F: Got confused now!!!
KK: Well anal sex for example I am always doing to a woman on my way, she might had never try it before and after a while I make it to her she takes the totally control of it and plays all by her self.
F: Still need to think.

KK: Think it by easier way. You start a sex game/time. You are Dominant at all at the beginning and after a while she is having orgasms, getting irritated, getting cumfull and in the middle when you give her pleasure she takes all the control. You were on the top, had here down at four, pulled her hair back and she starts screaming. After a while she makes the move by her own, turn around....through you down....start giving you oral sex......pressing your "balls" and starts biting.....sitting up and moving like a train. It started else and Finished else.

Well Better I say No experiences so no one will expect something from me. And also switcher so as to have the opportunity to change the role of the game.......

F: Ok finally got your point

Just Me --- EAGLE KK

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