Comments Begging Around......Oh Shit.....So Bored!  

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4/19/2005 5:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Comments Begging Around......Oh Shit.....So Bored!

Well today I will not write any fantasy, any experienced story, not even my anger about something happened to me (bad/good).

Today I have my EAGLE Eyes on YOU.
I closed my Wings and started walking around.....watching around......hearing around!

You know, this week, I've seen a few different blogs. I start reading them, watching them, trying to find what is going on for them.
I pressed the magic command "View All", start looking one by one of them, reading one by one..... at some posted a some just laughed a others I got angry.

Well yes, angry.
Seems to be geared toward begging for comments from readers. That according to me is just wanting to be listed.....wanting to see people writing......generally "cheating".

If you want to have a popular blog that people like to read, to return to post comments on, then make some effort and come up with some original content, or even just a few sentences about what's happening in your world, what's happening in your Life.....just what happened before 1 second to you...what you are thinking about this you are looking at that moment!

More specific BE YOUR SELF.

No matter if you write Sex stories...... no matter your thoughts...... no matter your Anger...... no matter your matter if it is used as a diary for you. Just love to be your self.

You are the best writer in the world after that as you only can write this story and not rewrite it by changing something....bring it up to be shown as readers want to.

I love to write at all, doesn't bother me if I see any comments posted on what I write. I had the feeling to write it and I will not beg for comments.
If a comment is posted, no matter if it is bad or good........ I will know that what I wrote, was thoughts on others mind too.
I wish I will always keep writing...saying a sentence.......saying a big sentence......write a story......a big story but I will not consider of being viewed, being posted.

That's me and my self and my Real Life and nothing will change. Can't be liked to none!

Anyway, sorry about the rant..... but I needed to say that according an E-mail and also by reading some "begs".

Some still.....Yeah I know are waiting for me to answer that sign.......that signature of me.
Ok then......We have still time for it!

You want comments people? Easy sometimes. Wish you everything for 2005......yeah I know.....some of you wished to have this 2005 (picture)

Just Me --- EAGLE KK

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