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4/20/2005 2:06 pm

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Bad luck my

Well tonight I accepted a call, from a friend of mine, who I had a lot time to see.
He asked me if I wanted to go for a coffee. He would be at a cafeteria, the one that used to be my favorite one, but had a long time to go again there.
I agreed and went there at the sharp time he said.
Cool, I talked with many old friends there, many women which were asking where I had been, if I am ok and if I was expecting company so as to take a seat with them.
Sorry guys but I am not alone, we have a friend meeting now, maybe one other day we could.

Finally, I went up stairs and found them. They were sitting at a table in a corner and there was no woman around. There were also 2 new guys, I had never seen again and also they didn’t know me.
We started talking about anything, my friend was asking me where I disappeared and How I spend my time, how work is going or even if I got married.......yeah you know, common staff when you are only Men and Friends and have a conversation nothing bad.

Suddenly, the one of the two, I didn’t know him at all just met him, started saying some weird staffs to me. But how it started....... Well it started after the question of my friend if I got married and answered that I got divorced with my engaged girlfriend. So he started the conversation about and I think it’s proper to write this conversation like some people chatting.......! I am the M at this conversation and he is the F (not meaning female, but I will explain at the end, why I show him as....... F).

F ‒ well Never mind KK about a woman, better do what I do and have fun.
M ‒ What are you doing X, what do you mean?
F ‒ Well I don’t get into any relationship, I just love play with the women, having fun, having Sex and spending good Time
(----My friend who knew me started laughing and nobody except him and me could understand the why)
M ‒ Yeah? Well tell me about that.
F ‒ Well it’s easy my friend, I go to bar treat some drinks, start saying them I like to have sex with them and I fuck them.
M ‒ Just like that?
F ‒ Yes, just like that my Friend, no love, no feelings, no nothing just fuck them all.
M ‒ So you must be famous to Women, they must know you and all the time see you with other women.
F ‒ Yes. Well Yesterday for example.......
M ‒ What about yesterday?
F ‒ Yesterday I was with a sexy woman, had drinks, had fun, and had sex. Oh my god she was perfect and I don’t tell you anything about her body, just you could see her and would understand.

Well he kept saying his things, I was just looking him and listening to him without saying anything, just crossed my hands and listened.
He was impressing his self, he was just happy that he thought I could believe him.......or even I could liked what I was listening. But why do I use the past time here? Ok I go further what happened after a while:
The time started passing by and the cafeteria was starting getting full. There came a company of 5 women. Then that man, who kept speaking about and about and about, saw the sexiest woman of the 5, and he pushed my hand, show me with his finger and told me:

F ‒ Do you see this one?
M ‒ Yes
F ‒ Well she is the one a was yesterday with.
M ‒ Oh really?

He was just moving his head positively.
Well all the story starts now, here is the point.

That woman saw us, saw all and made a move to come to our table smiling and that guy was just ready to stand up, and I was watching him standing up.
She came on our Table looked at me, kissed me in my mouth softly and asked me where I got disappeared, why I don’t come anymore for coffee at this cafeteria, why I didn’t call her and when I answered that I broke up with my ex- girlfriend and needed some rest, she proudly said: - Well, that sounds good you broke up, so finally We could try to make you ours, I didn’t forget the night in your Car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t need to say how the "friend" felt at that moment, he sits down, smokes a cigar and smiles difficult. I saw him blushing and I did something that every gentleman would do.
M ‒ Well do you know my friends.......? No? Ok I will meet you then. That’s……..this is.......this.......and…and.
She was pleased to all and excused to go a few to her table with her friends.

In our table there was just.......silence. Nobody was speaking just smoking.
I switched on my cigar and started talking without anyone to stop me or interrupt me:

M ‒ (Me and only talking now)!
-------------------------------------------------Well you know…..there is sometimes bad luck to all of us. Sometimes unexpected things are happening which make you feel bad.
You take a boat to travel and finally when you arrive at the port, there is so much wind that the boat can not upload people and stays in the sea for hours or days.

Sometimes you have a woman down and ready to fuck her, you take out the condom open it and wear it. You try to put it into her; you realize that it is broken. You look, if you have other but ...... no. You ask her if she has problem without a condom and she answer’s you that she is having only safe sex.

Sometimes you are wearing good clothes, getting ready to have a job interview, everything is fine and you take a coffee from a kiosk to drink, until your turn comes. Suddenly your coffee falls down, on your clothes and get embarrassed and leave.

(I stand up, wear my Jacket, they all were just looking at me but were saying......nothing).

Sometimes you see a woman that she is sexy and imagine that you are fucking her or even desire her like crazy or even say it to your friend, and a little later you learned that this is your cousin.......that has left your village and you don’t remember.

(Drink my last drop from my coffee, left money to pay the coffee and said my last thing)

Sometimes, some people must just eat a chewing gum and stop talking at all. You don’t know who I am, so better try to be your self and not someone who wants to impress your self. By hearing just a word (broke up) that doesn’t looks like I am a looser my friend.
And finally who talled you I am your Friend?

That’s all! And left just like that.


Well I remember then the reason why I have more women as friend of me. I remembered why I have only two closer friends.......only two.......with who I can speak also about fucking women or even fuck women together.......Only two closer friends who could know my Life, my wants, my needs and my everything.

This “Friend”, who I just met tonight, reminded me that everyone just tries to impress others and they are the reason why I have more and more women in my arms.
I would like to thank that guys and keep doing it, keep talking about women.......about how they do it, what they are wearing, how they give you oral.......if she loves Anal or for anything and you will keep earning this you are earning until now.......Masturbating.......!
If she doesn’t trust you she will never come with you, even if you are the last person on this fucking Earth my "Friend".

Well it was your bad day my "Friend", you met me, didn’t know me and you were laughed by all. If you don’t know a shit about others life..... about who he is stop advising.....stop saying the "EGO"......just eat a chewing gum.

That’s for this guy I met today and reminded me why I am likely to women.
He reminded me that I don’t need more friends of me to be closest. Two are enough and I am happy with them.

PS1: I wrote I would explain that F at the End.
Well M = Me and F = Fool
PS2: See the picture? That's where you will see them in your life (picture).

Just Me --- EAGLE KK.

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