Am I back or still fly?..........  

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5/2/2005 12:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Am I back or still fly?..........

That's my last question for the last 3 days now. I am wondering if I am back in here or I am still flying. Maybe I am every day in here, Maybe I read every day your posts, your comments, your questions in your advice lines or even your articles, but by not posting any comments or even an advice that might seems to be like .... I am away!
No I am still here, still next of you, still reading and watching. Why not answering you? Well, I made my best writing here but.... surely not posted It yet. Does it matter, does it bother? No, I told you once and I will say that again. I am just a Man, a common one, I don't like washing any brains.... I was not given birth……to f**k your brains. I can write, I can read but I like to do it when I want it. Maybe I prefer reading your writings most, maybe I am somewhere else, maybe I don't feel like wanting to write today. It's my right.... it's my wrong but whatever it's my wish and want.
I am a duplicated personality (grrrr --- selfish talking for my self again). Maybe I am getting more and more crazy.... maybe I don't want you all to understand me. Maybe I just want to see who can understand me at all. Duplicated personality ...... let me say one thing. Everyone had ever felt (once at least in his life) that earth under his/her feet was shaking. Everyone at any time wanted just.... to die. Every one in his life got hurt by the name of love.... by the name of family..... By the name of his self.
I don't believe you at all if you say now that you never did this. I don't believe that someone didn't wake one day and went to the bathroom mirror.....or any mirror and didn't say just one thing....... What are you doing wrong...or you are an asshole.....or you are a fool......or even say: wished (to be thinner/fatter - smarter/fooled) I just don't believe you that there was a time in your life that you were wondering who you are, where you go.... Or what from now on!
I admit I do it most times, after a good sex time...after a good fight....after work or even after I wake up! I agree with most but also have the right to disagree with most. That's naturally. Can't say or listen what other prefers or want to.
No I am still flying, still searching, still watching and finally still listening at your desires, wants, whispers and words. Not felt like wanting to come back in earth, in the sand, down to the road and wanting to walk with you. Not felt ready to talk with you, not felt ready to be next to you.
Safety? Actually I don't consider that more than honesty! I am a fool Man, a fool Kid, a fool boy but.... A clever Eagle, to much open wings of me on the sky, a shining funny face. Not yet for me to come down of my selfish sky....just not ready! Maybe because it is Eastern here, maybe because I feel lonely, maybe because it is JUST ME.
Duplicated personality....other in the morning and other at night. Nice guy and Gentleman in the morning, Asshole and A "slut Man at night". Is it so? Is that me? Pretending or laughing. Loving or hating. Whatever, the mentioned best post of me, that will answer all this, is not posted yet......not denied, but not posted by me.
Spending good time of my self, crying also, laughing most. Could you just imagine why all this? Really? Then let's compare our opinions by my loving said thing every time I see people suffering or people crying.....or just laughing.

Winner is not the one who can give pain to others and laugh .... but the one who can hide his pain behind of a nice smile when hurt!!!!!!!

If you can do this then trust me, you are the winner. Earth is always turning around the same road (cycle around the Sun and around her self, no matter the years and ages). So is also the wheel, all the time moving around, the same way.

So is your life and mine also. Passing ages, keep turning around and always the same things. Only difference....some times that make you think you went to other ways, other roads, or other cycles.
I was borned alone and I will die more.... lonely....No matter with who I will be, no matter with how many I will be, no matter with how many I will fuck or shout. That’s Me and that is you.
Whatever I do, whatever I will make, It will ever be me......even with other! Why is that? Where your where is you......your self? Where are you...the ones who share your self with others? Love Nowadays? No way, trust or honesty! Right, romance had died. Centuries changed, people changed.... entire world changed.
I believe in Romance, there is romance, there is Me...there is you......there we are both. I breathe, you breathe....let's share…..patient.

Why I wrote this now you will ask me! If I am angry of something you will ask! If I just wrote something you will think. If you just say now.....what an asshole.......... Really NO!

I am happy nowadays......I am spending a good time (even eating just a few things because of Eastern or sleeping a few because of spending time with Women). I am so grateful to some people or better members writing comments in here. I don't want you to write any comments, I want the ones who understand what to write.... The ones who are writing…..being their selves. I wrote comments to their comments but also denied. I am Reading you and watching. I listen to you, I want you, I am looking for you...or better I am with YOU. I asked or better, I am bored of comments writing bullshit (No I had not yet until this time writing this, not to be misunderstood, but I am speaking for The ones who can not or better are not able to understand the meaning of their desires, opinions, thoughts.

I told you I will be able one day to write something more understanding (spelling and grammar, when I feel so - Well you made me to leave my self out here. You made me to write something not invisible or bad. Something more understanding. I can also better, you can better and we all can just much better....but sometimes, some people don’t deserve to see that, some people don't deserve to understand what you are saying, what you are thinking, what you want.
That is for you today, the ones I trust, the ones who understand….. the ones who need more things and favors.....more romance. You don't need only a f*ck ---- Life is f**king you every day, is f**king me every day....doesn't f*ck me at all.
Keep so, I am here, I am next to you, I am near you......I am you and you are me.... we are community or better we are all humans.

No anger, No laugh, No mention to any nothing!

Just Me --- EAGLE KK

(Who ever understands)

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