After one good night with a lot of fun and enjoy .... a sunset would be the best thing!  

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4/19/2005 5:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

After one good night with a lot of fun and enjoy .... a sunset would be the best thing!

Well after a nice, funny, enjoyable night what would be better? As I still stay romantic, and believe in it, it was a new sunshine. The sun was just "waking up" here in my place where I live, woman and me had a lot of fun, enjoy, dance and drinks and chat and it was time to go further. What more pretty than a sea place and the sun starting to shine? Well houses and beds are more comfortable than a beach bed or car seat but the view plays its part. So finally another day has just finished for biological reasons. Right drinks, right music, right dances, right words and at last right place completed the hole puzzle of an another "biological" night!!!! Could say like one night stand but in my place it was not. You never know what happens the early next day. But could be also so as you think.
For describing an e-mail I had in my inbox from a member (names we don't say but she will read this for sure), I have to give you a straight answer.
1) I write in my log so whatever I want is for my self. Many people are writing blogs to advertise them selves. Everybody is free to write whatever he wants (even if he advertises him self). I don't write for this reason.
2) Other people just are in bad mood and have no one nearby to say their problem to, so write in their blogs some problems and thoughts, so as they burst out.
3) It is my blog and I am free to write what I want and you are free to enter or not and read a post.
So after all I will explain to all one thing (not only for the e-mail). I am writing this blog mostly because I want women to know more than my place I live. How I usually spend my time here (if it is a routine or not) and also show places and sights of this Sunny Island so as make a woman relocated. Maybe I meet what I am looking for and she has the right to know more for me than what my profile allows her to know. Except of this, another reason is that maybe someone wants to visit this island someday, so she or he can read about the facilities, see places, learn culture and mentality and make some decisions. I am always open to give some advices how to spend your best holidays if you decide to come here, even if I never see you. But after all, maybe a woman wants to come for vacations and also live in my house for her purpose, so she will be warned about the lifestyle here In Rhodes.
For these reasons I will keep writing and posting articles, not in public view for advertises, but in my blog for whom ever want's to learn more for me and my place and also give him the opportunity to warn him about our culture and lifestyle.
Also answer for the e-mail: My dear I have a Mobil phone 3G and take all the photos I need. I have a Bluetooth device attached in my computer and transfer those in. So I can post million photos, in whatever mood I am. Don't worry, nude ones is more difficult to see from me because I don't like to show to any one what I do and how I do it. I am not a Master Fucker or better I don't even thought about it!!! Out there are some Men more experienced than me and also more advertised.
This is a usually sunshine and yes I had a really good sex time before with a 32 woman. That's it for today.
Have as more active sex life you can and don't forget to also keep in, your mind and heart, some room for love!!!
Nice day and relax to all of you! For those who haven't had something fun don't be intimidated, Be patient and a really fun will hit your door. Without expecting it.

PS: Want to describe you or give more details about how a sex night goes? Depends if we have something in common and find out that we can exchange some opinions, otherwise don't wait to read from in here if I make an anal sex and how, or what roles I play, or even what I would do to women like you. Be patient and make me desire you and you will not loose at all. I am not a dog or opposite a Teacher, say something cool and I will be.

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