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4/19/2005 5:17 pm

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A sex story

It is night right now. My fireplace is burning and you hear the sound of the woods…………as they break and are burned. You are laid down in the bed and covered with a sheet. Apart from the shine, that emits the fireplace and two aromatic candles in the bedside table, there is no other light. I come in the Bed with you…… I caress your hair and see how soberly you sleep.

I rub your shoulders and make you a massage. Soft and circularly, not hard and violently. With my tongue I begin to lick your neck softly, above…..under, slow and softly. I gather your hair and as I caress it, lick your ear around and around and around. As I lick your ear, my hand touches upon your back, I caress it softly, and I rub it and make you soft massage. You slowly open your eyes and irritatingly. I kiss you in the mouth; our tongues meet each other and “dance” in the rhythm of our body. Slowly I leave from your mouth and go down with my tongue under your neck and I lick and bite softly your “walnut”. I continue going down more low up to that I reach your breast. All these are happening while licking you and simultaneously caress your lips with my fingers. I reach your tits and begin to lick them, around your nipple. I lick your nipple and I press softly your tits. I bring my hand above in your breast and touch it without my tongue to leave from your nipples. I tighten softly your breast so that is flown still more your nipples and I bite it softly without ache. I suck it with my mouth and pull with my lips. Your body is shaken and an irritant sound comes out from you. I continue licking your breast going also to the other. I make the same thing and after they inflate from pleasure, I come, licking, from the neck in your mouth. Our tongues play faster now and as they play with light bites between them, I caress your breasts with my hands. I feel you shake your body and you are irritated. I feel that you have moistened a lot.

Suddenly, I take my tongue from your mouth, and with a movement, I find myself above in your breasts. In order to you not to worry, I give you my fingers in your mouth. As you lick and bite them softly, I go down with my tongue in your navel and bite it. A smell however pulls me. I am removed and I go elsewhere. The smell of your liquids, make me continue licking more under, I lick more under, below and also explore. I reach low and I feel something that is not piece of your skin. I lick it and explore it. I discover that it is string but it does not bother me. I lick around of it'…… your legs up to your knee. I bring my hand in your breast and I caress them, making them massage as my tongue licks your legs…. above and under, all surface up to the magic point, next to your string. I pass my tongue above the point that begins your string and under your navel, and I go by this way to your other leg. I bring my hand from your breast in your string and I begin to caress your kitten. When it is entire rained, I go up with my tongue in its beginning and with my teeth I pull it down. After your string is a little lower, below from your knees, I make a movement and immediately I bring my tongue up your kitten. I lick your “kitten lips” around and I clean you from your humid of pleasures that you have. I put my tongue above your kitten and lick from the top up to the more inferior point of your hole…….Round it and on it. I touch your “kitten lips” with my lips and I pull them outside. I suck them softly and put my tongue in. Your hole is boiling hot and humid at the same time. My tongue enters in and outside, it teases your “kitten walls”, sucks your liquids, slow at the beginning and faster afterwards. I remove my tongue and I put a finger. My tongue licks your kitten around and around while my finger goes, in and out…. slow and softly…….always faster…..always deeper. Your voice sounds more irritated now!! With my fingers going in and out your kitten I lower my head and my tongue on your legs and I am licking them. Suddenly I turn you in sides and I begin to lick your “ass lips” and your entire region.

You say that you want to play with me but I remove my fingers from your kitten and reverse you. I come above in your neck and I begin to lick you. My hands make you a massage in your back and my tongue licks your entire skin. As I make you massage, I reach in your asshole and begin to tease it with my tongue. I moisten also this; I irritate it and push it. I pull softly your hair and I put my tongue in. You are softly shaken to and I leave your hair. I under bring my hand to meet my tongue and put a finger in your ass. I raise your legs softly so that your knees (and down), touch perfectly in and so I can more comfortably, caress your kitten with my other hand. As soon as you begin to shake your body, with pleasure to flood, I put also my fingers in your kitten. Thus now I have also filled my fingers in your both holes and I push in and out…. faster. As soon as you finish and shout from pleasure, I reverse you in attitude of 69.

Now you take my hot dick in your mouth as I continue licking your kitten. When you raise him, in his regular size, I leave from the 69 and insert it in your kitten which is very hot and so liquid that it slips directly all in. I begin to push slow and soft, in and out, at the beginning and when you are ready, harder and faster. I push it more and faster and deeper. I am above your breast as I have my dick inside of you and I lick your nipples. In and out my dick and I pull your nipples with my lips. In unexpected time I give you my fingers in your mouth to lick. Your breath is boiled and hot, and you're breathing slower. After you make my fingers wet with your tongue, and as your kitten is full from my dick, a finger enters in your ass. In the first time you are shaken softly. Simply I play with it once again and I will prepare it. From behind Slower and softer, with my finger, faster and deeper in front with my dick. Suddenly I come out from your kitten and I rise you up. I reverse you in four and I lick you in your back. I put again my dick in your hot kitten and I hold your tits tight. I pull you front and behind from your tits so you enter deeper on my dick.

I bend your body, just a few, and I remove my dick from your kitten and I am going to put in your ass. It is not ready yet so I use my fingers for help. I lick them and play a little with your asshole. After it opens a little, I lick my fingers and I rain my dick so that it is more humid. I put it in your ass and you shake from pleasure. I haven't still, entire, put it inside of you as I play until it opens wide. I push softly in……out and slowly. When it begins to be softer then I push it more inside. I have it all inside your ass now and I start pushing faster. As it passes the hour I push it deeper and deeper and faster. My hand “rubs” your “kitten lips” and my dick is ripping your ass. My “balls” strike continuously your pussy. I pull softly your hair and I bring your back to me so it touches upon my breast. I caress your tits I kiss, as you have turned your neck, without to stop a moment to rip your asshole. I have begun to be irritated unimaginably.

I come out from your ass, I reverse you and I prepare you for an attitude that is very irritant and difficult. An attitude, that offers an absolute enjoyment and fulfill pleasant. Your back is laid down in the bed and all of your body is one straight line. I go upon you. I only raise your one leg without changing the straight line of your remainder body. So much that your one leg is above my shoulder while the other remains in a straight line with your rest body. {Imagine two els, one next to the other (i a small and a capital. The small is your body and your one leg and the capital with the bent it is your leg above my shoulder)}. It is much more tight thus and to you I ram once again my in your pussy. You begin to shout again from pleasant as I have inserted entire onto you, I push faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I lick, simultaneously your ankle with my tongue and I continue ripping your pussy. I want to pour and so I remove my dick from your pussy and I throw my sperm all over your stomach.

I see you trembling from pleasure and this makes me feel happy. I leave your leg to fall under in the bed, I lay down above you and I kiss you in your mouth. Our tongues play now slow, full from pleasant with what was going on before.

Well, that is not a fantasy as it happens thousands times but whatever………………. Time for a cigarette and some relax because of a problem: “something raised up”

No I feel shy
Oopppsss (hmmmm)

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