the lust for female flesh  

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1/24/2006 8:38 am

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3/9/2006 11:05 am

the lust for female flesh

The sexual me:
From the early awakenings of my sexuality, i new the desire for my own sex...the special smell and touch of female silky skin. Realised during a tentative night of teenage fumbling, stroking, that awakened a desire that for many years was then repressed. The knowledge of my sexuality denied......for fear that it was wrong and could/should be forgotten.....
Only to be reawakened some eleven years later in a situation as bizarre as one could imagine…more to cover up the blossoming love between kinky and her now Master and soul mate.
Master was always aware of His "possession's" needs. He never denied them but it never seemed that the occasion arose where it could be explored. The usual trappings of family life, work and pressures prevented Master and kinky having the time to pursue these needs and so they remained unfulfilled.
Until once set upon said path of enlightenment..... (previously shared in earlier blog) the way became open for kinky's Master to awaken her inner passion, allowing it to surface and flourish.
Master allowed me to chat, and meet with like minds. Pursuing sexual fantasies, the feel, smell and taste of female flesh, savour the lust and craving and pursue the inner me.
During a recent encounter Master allowed for the combination of my bdsm and bi side.
While out to play kinky tasted the lips of a special friend, held and stroked her hair whilst Madam pleasured her and later tantalised her silky smooth skin with ice, feather and fur. Master watched on approvingly.
Master then loaned His "possession" to said "Madam", for Her pleasure. Openly flogged for all to see, the eroticism of the moment was evident in the uncontrolled spasms that travelled throughout my body. Legs shaking with back arched the heat spreading from buttocks to groin. Madam stroked across my welting flesh, soothing the burning, kneading the skin before allowing the leather to fall again. Sending my mind spinning out of control..... The feel of Madam’s hands caressing inner thigh, separating and spreading the cheeks slipping between. A warm feeling began to grow deep within my belly. How wet I was. How wet I must have felt to Her.

After the experience Madam thanked Master, and acknowledged my subservience.

This experience could have left me feeling open and vulnerable. Yet it did not. For I was safe knowing Master was near. Always knowing what I want and need.
Madam has invited us to join them again soon. What delights there may be is yet to be discovered.

rm_masterchaz30 48M
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2/8/2006 8:16 am

I think you would like a Catholic School Girl Fantasy. Being openly flogged before a live female audience wearing only a little skirt and sheer blouse. Hands bound and compelled to raise your skirt...holding it up until the Master/Mistress had scourged your ass beautifully.


3/9/2006 11:05 am

Funny you should say that.....but i did go to an all Girls School....
Maybe thats what turned me??????
Saturday just gone i had my all time best lesbian sex. With a fellow subbie. We tasted one anothers delights all over a private club, oblivious to the many onlookers who i'm told watched us.
It was so sensual and erotic......i was so high. Master observed from a distance, before He was ready to join us.

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