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2/24/2006 6:35 pm

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on-line book store

Several weeks ago I recommended a book to another blogger.

I suggested to her that if she couldn't find it locally, she should check a certain website that is named after a river in South America.

The name of the website was removed by AdultFriendFinder before my comment was posted.

I understand the need to satisfy advertisors, and the desire to create revenue for the site.

What I don't get is the assumption that there is anyone on the planet you is internet-savvy enough to hang in blogville who hasn't heard of the website I mentioned. It's only like the single most successful internet-based business, second maybe to the one that's named after the fifth letter of the alphabet followed by the description for a geographical area where the ocean fills a depression in the coastline of a continent.

Is it Web-envy?

Or net-jealousy?

Whatever it is, it's just a plain waste of time and energy on the part of our faithful stewards. I'd much rather see them cracking down on some of the hateful, abusive assholes who pay 20 bucks a month to spew their venom, than bust my ass for recommending an online bookstore.

But that's just me.

shispook 47F

3/13/2006 8:49 am

ullo KD....

ain;t got much time fer readin lately...been knitting hahahahahahaha


Like the posts about the missus...

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