The Soul Mate Regurgitations  

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12/3/2005 12:41 am

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The Soul Mate Regurgitations

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Suppers Ready

(A Peter Gabriel era Genesis suite 24 minutes in length reinterpreted and thoroughly mangled through the eyes of a closet hyper-romantic)

Forever Love? was the direct trigger that reminded me that I had once "thunk this up".

Section #1

walking across the sitting-room
I turn the television off
sitting beside you
I look into your eyes

as the sound of motor cars
fades in the night time
I swear I saw your face change
it didn't seem quite right

and it's "hello babe"
with your guardian eyes so blue
"hey my baby...
don't you know our love is true?"

coming closer with our eyes
a distance falls around our bodies
out in the garden
the moon seems very bright

six saintly shrouded men
move across the lawn slowly
the seventh walks in front
with a cross held high in hand

...And it's "hey babe,
your supper's waiting for you.
Hey my baby,
don't you know our love is true?"

Annoying narration In section #1 up there the loving couple senses an undefinable problem in their togetherness so they each go on a "together" but somehow separate mythic journey.

(huge hard to understand mythic odyssey section omitted but explained in the next paragraph)

In our usual verbal terms you might say that they embark on several separate reincarnational existences only to fully lose themselves in those other lives.

But in section #2 below they later discover themselves together again after what seemed like an eternity apart. And only in coming together again do they come to their full "spiritual" fruition as one unified entity.

And now the end section.....

Section #2

I've been so far from here
far from your loving arms
but now I'm back again
and babe it's gonna work out fine

can't you feel our souls ignite?
shedding ever changing colours
in the darkness of the fading night
like the river joins the ocean

as the germ in a seed grows
we have finally been freed to get back home
there's an angel standing in the sun
and he's crying with a loud voice

"this is the supper of the mighty one"
the Lord of Lords, King of Kings
has returned to lead his children home
to take them to the new "jerusalem"

Thank you curious082385 for reminding me that somewhere in one of my existences this little drama here is a stone cold reality.


curious082385 31F
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12/3/2005 4:19 am

You flatter me, my dear....thank you.
Beautiful writing and such a perfect idea. If only we could step back and walk through our pasts in that way....what things would we discover? what wonders? what answers?


12/3/2005 9:39 am

I can still now remember the first time I discovered that thsi is really what I thought the song was referring to.

It was already my favorite instrumental peice of all time but then once I made that lyrical connection to it it often bacame difficult for me to make it through to the ending of it in one peice emotionally.

Googling about I actually dredged a discussion group last night that was talking about this song and even Peter Gabriel has always had difficulties explaining his intended meaning of it. For years now it has been the subject of much debate. But essitially it was inispired by expereinces Gabriel had with his first wife and mother of his children.

And of course despite anything claimed by Gabriel I'll still stubbornly claim that the song was written about some other version of my own self




12/3/2005 12:01 pm

PS. The live version from their double album titled Seconds Out from 1977 is the version of that I'd first suggest if anyone is so venturesome to actually take a listen to it. But the original Studio take from the 1972 release of Foxtrot is also nothing to sneeze at.

Gabriel had left the band well before Seconds Out was released but Phil Collins filled in his shoes quite adequately on this track.

By the time the band had made the full move from the Art Rock/Progressive realms to that of full blown pop at the dawn of the 80's I simply lost interest in the band due to the direction they had taken.

And if any of you do happen to have an ear for "Prog rock" you've simply got to hear Brand X which Phil Collins help get started in the late 70's. No vocals whatsoever and quite far from standard "pop" but they are surely one of the best bands that you've never heard of.


rm_saintlianna 45F
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12/3/2005 1:49 pm

I see why curious would inspire you, you dont do such a bad job yourself, King Cobb.


12/3/2005 2:38 pm

Hey Saintli,

Can you believe that Peter Gabriel era Genesis used to also classify as Goth rock? They were never as "black" as anything that would now be thrown into the Goth bag but when you see the incredible levels of absolutely weird make-up and costuming that Gabriel used to wear when performing live it then makes much more sense.

Once Collins took over the mic any refence to them being anything close to Goth is purely ancient history.

There are some amazing bootleg tapes of early Gabriel era Genesis floating around but you cant buy them in any store.

PS. Saintli, (I would never tell you this but) you have no idea what orders or levels of inspiration you continually seed in both me and a humungous throng of others around this place.



12/3/2005 2:42 pm

correction here for clarity's sake...

Amazing bootleg video tapes of early Gabriel era Genesis.



12/3/2005 3:41 pm

Stop by to check up on you, I see you are doing more than fine my brilliant writter.


12/3/2005 4:24 pm

The worship worthy Miss Kink said...

"Stop by to check up on you, I see you are doing more than fine my brilliant writter."

Well, I can't be anything but flattered by that.

In my best Groucho Marx impersonation...

"you appear to be doing quite fine yourself!"


silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/3/2005 9:02 pm

Love reading your blogg babes

keep up the good work

silky xxxxxxxxxxxxx


12/4/2005 7:30 pm

Hey silky,

So nice of you to stop by. So did you stop by the Bushmills distillery for me? It's been so long now since I've had a good taste of that Black Bush!

Sláinte! (gotta brush up on my gaelic vocabulary a little)


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