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12/12/2005 1:49 am

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Stand - Sly & the Family Stone

Sister_Act_4_You's megapostings of lyrics got me thinking about my own lyrical and song faves and here's one of my all time winners. (not wieners)

In the truest Joseph Campbellian sense the lyrics of this song, by Sly and the Family Stone, touch on the heroic/mythic and in that way are timeless.

Plus the funky ass instrumental bridge of the song is absolutely TOO COOL!


in the end you'll still be you
one that's done all the things
you set out to do

there's a cross for you to bear
things to go through if you're
going anywhere

for the things you know are right
it's the truth that the truth
makes them so uptight

all the things you want are real
you have you to complete
and there is no deal

stand, stand, stand
stand, stand, stand

you've been sitting much too long
there's a permanent crease
in your right and wrong

there's a midget standing tall
and the giant beside him
about to fall

stand, stand, stand
stand, stand, stand

they will try to make you crawl
and they know what you're saying
makes sense and all

don't you know that you are free
well at least in your mind
if you want to be

stand, stand, stand



12/12/2005 8:42 pm

Guess who?
How are you darling, I must admit being a little worried about you regardig your recent ailment.
You O.K. now?


12/12/2005 9:45 pm

As usual I shall address you as the Worship Worthy Miss Kinque!

Well your worry is well placed as I'm somewhat concerned that it's now been a full week and I still wkae up feelinfg like absolute hell in the morning.

Glandular swelling to the max.

I can tell it's easing up a bit but damn is it taking it's time!

I think the fact that I've not been ill for 8 years straight must be playing a factor as I must have a lot of antibodies to catch up on immunitywise. I'm hoping that this round of illin will make me immune to this so called "bird flu" that might be erupting at some point.

At this point I'm simply wishing to be well _as_ the full scope of my Xmas gift.

Hey did you ever see my comment bouncing offa you concerning "groping"? If not be sure to dig it up in my Danish Museum posting.

Anyway your presence always serves to ease my pains of the moment quite well and I sincerely thank you for that.

Smooches and more,


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