Honest Abe and Me (Linked with Lincoln)  

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2/12/2006 2:33 pm

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Honest Abe and Me (Linked with Lincoln)

All of my life I have felt a particular closeness to Lincoln but have never really known exactly why. Some have suggested that the answer is truly "in the stars". Maybe I could somehow twist [blog AtomicArtist]'s radio active arm into giving me one of his F'd up self esteem shattering horoscope readings of this. But that's probably not really necessary.

My self esteem could use a good shatterin' though but I digress.

I saw a program on Abe once and it stated that at a decently young age he had an overpowerng inner urge to do something with his life that would transcend the life he lived itself and thusly have his image and lifes work live beyond his own death in a larger than life and even mythic fashion.

I had no idea prior to that that in a certain way he actually deliberately designed his own fame and notoriety.



2/15/2006 10:49 am

I am amazed at the fact that no one posted an entry on this delicious subject "SELF DESIGNED FAME AND NOTORIETY.
I believe that everyone is a Golden child so to speak and that our capabilities of stardom are placed directly above us to recognize and reach.
Kc, it is time for you to realize how grand of an artist you are, or must I be rude and express "wake up and smell the C _ _ _ _ E


2/17/2006 3:42 pm

It's an interesting thing about Lincoln and his fame and notoriety.

Usually we might think of Lincoln a quite selfless man without conceit or as one being without any sort of vain or narcissistic tendencies.

And I'm also not saying here that he was vain and narcissistic either. But those things do often go hand in hand with fame and notoriety.

I think the way that Lincoln approached the fame and mythic stature thing was unique compared to how others might approach it. Supposedly he did want the fame first and then researched ways that he might one day achieve it. He must have discovered that the kind of fame he wanted was not the "fly by night", "flash in the pan" movie star glitz style of fame but the enduring "giant statue" ,"mount rushmore" "did huge great things for masses of people" type of fame.

The way I understood it was that Lincoln educated himself early on in what fame really was , then decided the way he wanted to be famous and finally set out on his task to do that.

Whatever he did there in that regard he sure did a good job of it.

And Miss Kink , I have no idea why but I keep getting random ideas entering my head that for some reason you like the work that I do.

If I ever figure what's causing these random ideas to appear I'll be sure to let you know,


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