Comment Resurrection - Associatively on Swimming  

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9/8/2006 8:15 pm

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Comment Resurrection - Associatively on Swimming

I just dredged up this ancient monster comment from curious082385's blog post titled A beautiful morning...

That transition from night to morning is often an austerely beautiful one. Musically exemplified in the hard to find song titled Night Meets Light by Steve Morse/The Dixie Dregs.

And the act of running and I are not so compatible. We did determinedly try to make friends a few times over but either I trained all wrong or I've really got some sort of genetic predisposition for shin splints.

But it's all good though because swimming and I are the best of friends. Although I still experience some on and off resistance to actually getting up to go do it.

Once I'm there it feels so good and sensual. Like a physical mantra and moving meditation. It gets the circulatory system going in such a way like nothing else. I even love the visuals.

The repetitive wave patterns of the turqoiuse blue, the approaching black '+' and the bubbly tornado whirl at the filp turn. The sunny splash sparkles.

And then the onset of that subtle but inexplicably good endorphin high which, if I'm lucky, can last for the rest of the day. It puts any drug you could take to shame but it doesn't cost anything but a trip to the pool.

I do recall the daze when swimming was pure torturous drudgery though. Back when I first ventured to join the high school swim team. Before I'd made it "over the hump" and before I had recast my body into what it had to have to really do the job both lungwise and musclewise. With the swim coach yelling at me to keep my eye on that giant poolside swim clock and to not cheat on my send off times.

I never miss the competition or the old style regimented workouts with that huge and silly send off clock and the sets of laps to complete within the prescribed time frames.

Even after I crossed that threshold where the swimming finally felt good and ceased to be torture the workouts and swim meets still seemed cold and militaristic.

But once that era ended and the game was all my call and I went for pure and steady long distance on my own terms and at my own pace.... that's when it became ecstatic.

I guess if I ever taught swimming I'd teach the advanced students how to maybe reach that goal instead of something like the Olympics.


PS. Now that I proofread this verbmonster I think the moral of this story might actually be "give me a boss and a set of rules to follow and I'm not a happy camper".



12/11/2006 4:55 am

    Quoting sweetbabydee07:
    May I be so bold as to suggest a book I think you might appreciate? Haunts of the Black Masseur by Charles Sprawson. It's a kind of chronicle of different peoples' obsession with water through the years. Obscure but very compelling.
Also, I might add, if you are having annoyingly "bad trips" when doing the very short acting but oh so powerful "divining agent" ( some call it a hallucinogen ) dimethyltyptamine ( DMT ) supposedly you can easily alleviate this annoyance by imbibing the sacrament in close proximity to a body of water, The "water spirits" keep the "unfriendly spirits" at bay.

Or so I have read.

PS. The Dixie Dregs have a song which I believe is about a DMT experience. It's called Leprechaun Promenade. Terrence McKenna would have liked it in concept at least.

Which reminds me that that alleged apocalypse Terrence liked to fancy is supposedly coming up soon on the Mayan calendar.



12/14/2006 10:44 pm

    Quoting sweetbabydee07:
    Ooooh, so another 'end of the world' is nigh. (rubbing hands in glee) Goody! I did so enjoy the last one.

    And y'know, I've never had a bad trip yet. Even when I once thought my legs were on fire and then saw spiders running all over me, which is weird, coz in non-hallucinatory everyday humdrum existence, spiders give me the supreme skin crawling heebie-jeebies. I also never heard of DMT till now, so I googled it and found out all about machine elves. Also found out that melatonin is a tryptamine. I have taken that before, but only to induce sleep after partaking of an awful lot of powdered stimulants. I never saw elves. Sigh...
My last ex GF quit her church when about 3 of their own apocalyptic, revelation-like perdictions did not come to pass. I feel rather certain Terrence's pet one won't either.

That's great that you are not prone to big freak outs. I'll bet that is also true for everyday events. Except for ones involving spiders I guess.

Were those powdered stimulants the Peruvian Marching variety or the WWII wartime antifatigue variety that fueled the firey speches of der f├╝rer?

PS. I like the variation Apoopooclypse better than the original.


demonicsexkitten 41F
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10/18/2013 6:49 pm

Wonderful reading. I miss the days I had swimmers lungs. That sounds like a disease, doesn't it? I used to swim the length and back underwater with one breath at the pool next door. And that was down the wall at the 12' end, along the bottom to the shallow side, and back. I apparently had my first and only "high" during that time thanks to the dentist turning the happy gas on high and saying "take deep breaths" then leaving me a while. When he came back I felt all my pores were breathing on their own.

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