My first AFF encounter  

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6/28/2006 10:15 am

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My first AFF encounter

I'm a 29-year old professional that travels a lot for my job. I've reached a point that I became tired of lonely nights in my hotel room, letting a good bed go to waste. Thus, I decided to become a member on AdultFriendFinder to see if I could change this.

I became a member of AdultFriendFinder on June 10, 2006. I quickly added a profile, uploaded some pics, and began searching for a fun-loving, and horny woman to keep me company while I was on the road.

After many winks to beautiful women, I received a response from a passionate, 41-year old woman in Jackson, TN that was interested in chatting, and eventually meeting.

Through emails, we decided to meet while I was staying in Jackson on business. The plan was for Dee to meet me at my hotel, for some no-strings-attached, wild sex. She was hot and wet at the idea of meeting a stranger in his hotel room for a hard fucking. Even more exciting for her was the promise that I made to her: "I promise, you'll cum first!"

It was a long day of travel. My flight landed in Nashville, and then I had to make the 2.5 hour drive to Jackson. I was filled with anticipation all day long. I must confess that it was the longest 2.5 hour drive of my life, because I had a bulge in my pants the entire time.

When I finally got into town, plans slightly changed, and Dee was no longer able to meet me at my hotel. Instead, she wanted me to come over to her place.

After a quick shower, I got in my rental car and headed over to her place. With the nervousness and excitement of the upcoming events, my cock turned to mush on the drive over. No matter what I did, I couldn't get any life out of it. I was praying that things would change once I got there.

Dee let me in, and we headed for the living room. I sat down on the couch. At the sight of her in real life, I started to feel some movement in my pants. Phew!!

Although Dee was fully clothed, I could tell that she had a great body. Although I knew that she was passive, I told here that before she could even see my long, hard cock, she had to show me how bad she wanted it. She was uncomfortable with this at first; however, after a minute, she stood up and started to perform a strip tease for me.

First off came her white shirt. Although she was also wearing a bra, I could tell that she had perfect C-cup tits.

Next came her pants. Once they were off, I instructed her to turn around and show me her ass -- through chats, she told me that her best features were her ass and hips. I pulled her panties up tight, so I could get a good look at that nice, round ass. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I was really starting to get hard...

After running my hands up and down Dee's inner thighs for a few minutes, I told her I wanted to see her beautiful tits. So, off came her bra, and what she revealed made my cock even harder. Those nice, brown nipples were already erect.

I caressed her tits and then started sucking on those nipps. They got even harder as Dee started to softly moan.

After paying some attention to her beautiful breasts, I instructed her to remove her panties. What I saw next was heaven. As Dee pulled her panties down, she revealed a perfectly shaved pussy that was already dripping wet. To top it off, she had large lips that looked like a butterfly (I have always been very turned on by large pussy lips).

Next, Dee placed one foot up on the couch next to me, and began masturbating. First, she spread her lips open to reveal her bright, pink pussy. Then, she began to rub her clit. With her eyes closed, she kept going faster and faster. Then, she slid a finger into her pussy. Each time she took her finger out, I could tell that she was soaking wet. I told her to keep going, but that she could NOT cum!

Afer watching Dee fuck her pussy with her fingers, it was my turn. I took over for her and began by massaging her clit. She moaned with delight. As she reached her climax point, I stopped -- I didn't want her to cum yet. Then I slid one finger inside of her. Never had I felt a pussy this wet. Then, I slipped a second finger in. At this, I received her approval with a loud moan. As I was finger-fucking her with my left hand, both Dee and I were stimulating her clit. She was on the brink. Knowing that she couldn't take any more of this, I told her to cum on my fingers. With this, Dee instantly orgasmed. Her whole body shook and quivered.

During this time (all the while she had her eyes closed) I had been stripping my clothes off. Now it was my turn. I told Dee that it was time for her to suck my cock. She got down on her knees and put my long, hard cock into her mouth. She knew how to suck a good cock. The warmth of her mouth aroused me even more.

Although I enjoy a good blowjob, I wanted the real thing. I told Dee to get off of her knees and slide onto my cock. She knelt over me on the couch, spread her dripping pussy lips, and I entered her moist, warm cunt. She felt amazing. She moaned at the length (I don't think she had ever experience such a long cock before).

Dee rode my cock until she came again. Since I have never been able to cum with a woman riding me, I told Dee to lean over the couch so I could enter her from behind. As I was fucking her pussy doggy-style, Dee orgasmed again. I love to fuck doggy-style because it gives me the opportunity to fuck pussy as long and hard as I want!

After she orgasmed a 4th time, I told Dee it was my turn. Not wanting to waste my cum, Dee sat on the couch and sucked my throbbing cock again. Not only did Dee love the taste of her pussy juices from my cock, she also loved the taste of cum. Knowing this, I fucked her face and shot my load down her throat.

After cumming in her mouth, Dee continued to suck my dick. The sensitivity after orgasim is incredibe -- not only was I moaning, but I was also laughing, due to the sensitivity.

We could both take no more. Our bodies were drained. We sat on the couch, smoked a cigarette, and enjoyed the aftermath. Once done with the cigarette, I got dressed and headed back to my hotel.

With such an amazing first encounter from AdultFriendFinder, I hope to include more stories in the future.


KCToothpick 40M

4/27/2007 8:32 am

She wasn't wearing any shoes when I arrived TBear. I'd lvoe for you to wear heels for me though!!


debbie796 46F

7/23/2007 2:32 pm

OMG that picture with the blog post cannot be your cock???? GEEZ!

KCToothpick 40M

10/15/2007 3:52 pm

    Quoting debbie796:
    OMG that picture with the blog post cannot be your cock???? GEEZ!
Yes my dear, that picture is my cock.

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