Naughty bad? Or just bad?  

Justforfungirl5 49F
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11/8/2005 4:23 pm

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Naughty bad? Or just bad?

Hope you had a good weekend. I wasn't home much this weekend. Went out of town to visit a friend on Saturday and thought you may find it interesting.

Yes, it was a male friend. But it's not like that with us. We were best of friends in high school. Feeling a little nostalgiac this weekend we went to a (hard) rock concert of a band that was huge back in the day. We get together every couple of years and catch up. We'll go out to a play or concert then go back to his house and talk til the wee hours of the morning.

Yesssssssss, to be honest, I know he has a bit of a crush on me. He always has. But this is one of those don't talk about it and it isn't there type things. I've never thought of him as anything other than a friend and to talk openly about it may hurt the friendship. So we just enjoy each other's company every couple of years ... I think about what was ... he thinks about what might have been.

The concert was outside in the Texas heat so I had to dress a little skimpy to keep cool. My tight pink tank with the low neck line showed off my big breasts a little too much so I threw a white button down shirt over it leaving it loose and unbuttoned. I had bought the little kicky hot pink mini-skirt that matched the tank top ... waaaaaaaaaay too short for my taste but I figured what the heck just this once. When I was getting dressed I turned to look at my backside in the mirror and was happy to see that long sinewy muscle that goes up the upper thigh was clearly visible and lookin' pretty good.

I was amazed at the number of people at the concert. I expected the 30's crowd like me but not all the teens and 20's that were there. I guess hard rock is hard rock, no matter how old the band is, huh? lol We made our way closer to the front slipping between the groups of people. I was starting to regret my short skirt as I stepped over some couples who were sitting down on the grass til the concert started (knowing I was flashing my bright white thong in their faces).

The opening act came on stage just as we found our spot just a bit from the stage. They were good but apparently a group of guys in the audience felt the need to heckle them to be cool or something. Unfortunately, they were standing right behind us. My friend is reeeal easy going so he didn't seem to mind. I'm not as easy going as he is and it was irritating me so I turned around on occasion and gave the guys a "give it a rest" look. They were early twenties, about 6 of them, good lookin' guys but had definitely been drinking. I caught the eye of one the guys who seemed to be embarassed by his buddies and we smiled at each other. I'm not usually attracted to younger guys but this guy had some nice muscles and the most amaaaaaaaazing grey eyes.

As the band took the stage the air was electrified. It was turning dark now and the bright lights and the loud music and the throngs of people just made it come alive. They opened up with one of their biggest hits and the crowd seemed to rush the stage. I felt the surge of people jostling behind me and my friend who was just to the right and a little in front of me clasped my right hand with his left as if to make sure if anything happened we wouldn't be separated. He's such a sweetheart. I've always been kind of sad that I couldn't love him the way he wants me to.

The music was awesome. I was lost in the music ... and in memories ... when I felt something brush my left thigh. I thought it was an accident at first then realized it felt like the tip of a finger. It seemed to lightly run the length of my inner thigh from almost the knee to my crotch then back down again. I was so shocked I couldn't move.

I stood frozen as what felt like two fingertips made their way slowly up my inner left thigh. I had a hold of my friends left hand so I knew it couldn't be him. Just then the crowd cheered and sort of rushed forward again as the band apparently struck the opening chords of another great classic. The fingers turned into a hand that slid along my inner thigh to the front of my thigh ... full on ... there was no question about what someone was doing now. It had to be one of those six young guys.

I felt my pussy start to throb as he pulled aside my thong and slipped his two fingers up my pussy toward my clit. Mmmmmmmm. His strong fingers knew where they were going and just the most delicious way of getting there. I've never considered myself a slut but the idea of removing that young guys hand from my pussy never even occured to me. His fingers were immediately bathed in warm juices as he explored my lips and hole.

I looked to my left to see which of the guys it was (not caring, mind you, just curious) and met those cool grey eyes with my own just about the time that he slid that middle finger up inside me. Ohhhhhhh, god that felt so goood. The crowd had pressed in so much that probably no one could see what he was doing but, frankly, if he had had my skirt lifted for all to see at that moment I wouldn't have minded ... especially as he then slid two fingers solidly and forcefully up my hole and hooked his fingers just around that curve inside that leads to the spot that makes my legs get weak. My pussy exploded with heat and my thighs were quivering with the anticipation.

Then he hit the spot ... damn ... my knees buckled and I fell back a bit to meet his hard chest. Without thinking I had gripped my friends hand tighter and he saw me start to swoon. As he was asking me if I was alright the guy began to pump into me with those two soaking fingers and it was all I could do to reassure my friend I really was alright. I can only imagine the look on my face as I was getting finger-fucked by a complete stranger.

I don't ever remember being this turned on this fast. I straightened up but arched my pelvis so he could have a clear path as he pumped into me harder and harder. My left hand slid up his right thigh to find a hard hot bulge that I rubbed and groped as he slowed the speed of his pumping. I felt him move my hand away as he unzipped his jeans then brought my hand back urging me to slip it in which I did without hesitation. His jeans were too tight for me to do what I would have wanted but I was able to move enough of his brief away that I got to feel the smooth skin of his hard shaft with four fingers. My pinky slid up to the head ... sticky pre-cum dripping out to lubricate my pinky as it massaged the swollen head.

He changed to three fingers and I don't know how I kept from screaming as he used the middle one to massage my clit and the adjoining two to plunge into me. Oh ... my ... god. I was going to come right here right now.

I gripped his shaft as firmly as I could as he rubbed my clit hard with his finger and beat into me. By now his friends HAD to know what he was doing but I didn't care who knew. I put my right arm on my friend's shoulder to keep myself from buckling as I exploded with an intensity I haven't had in years ... coating this guys hand with hot sweet juices and moaning out loud. I could feel the beads of sweat around my hairline turn to drops as my throbbing pussy reluctantly let go of its grip on that guy's fingers. I let go of my friend's shoulder and gave him a quick smile.

I couldn't resist letting my head fall back onto that guys shoulder and letting him steal a quick passionate kiss as we slid our hands out of each other. I tried to compose myself and pretend like nothing happened but I couldn't resist turning again to the left to peer at the masterful young guy. As I did he stared into my eyes and slid his fingers up into his mouth and licked them clean. Oooooh my, I almost came again right then. I was just about to steal another quick kiss from him when I felt my friend squeeze my hand and start pulling me in the opposite direction ...
Wanna know the rest of the story?

I was emailing with a guy who said he wanted me to try my hand at hot, steamy emails ... so I did ... and haven't heard from him since. So, is this a naughty kind of bad or just bad in general? Feel free to tell me what you really think.

YoungSlider 30M
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11/8/2005 8:35 pm

damn i wish i could have been that guy slipping into you at a concert oh!!! nothing better in the world than a hot sweetheart and arock concert i would have found a spot and got it on with you. or rather right there in the crowd who cares who saw! write more you do damn good! and if your ever in ne. look me up! slider

jim5131 55M
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11/12/2005 8:13 am

(stirring in groin)

Nice rendition of an erotic meeting...

I had gone to a Sister7 show the other night in Austin and took a friend from Houston (I'll cover that in a blog when I get some time). I'm not attracted to this girl at all, but I do favors for her and try to keep it friendly despite her best efforts to expand it.

At the show, there was an attractive tall blonde in her early 40s that found her way alongside me. Now, even in a crowd, as you know, you are aware of everyone touching you...there still is a gap between bodies...and she would lightly brush elbows with me. The brushing became more constant....until finally we were maintaining contact, just arm to arm, occasionally hips brushing, for the remainder of the show. We never so much as made eye contact or said anything to each other. She left before the show ended without a word. It was so nice...jsut to have that contact with someone that thought you were attractive...very flattering..

That little 'thing' was such a turn-on... it was discreet..sensual..anonymous...and it's not the first time something like that has happened at a show like this..

I can easily see how your little episode can happen....

Enjoy them when you can....

Justforfungirl5 49F
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11/12/2005 10:03 am

Thanks Slider~~ The thought of the energy of a rock concert and that kind of connection between two people I thought was pretty hot too. I may write more if enough people are interested. Heck, who am I kidding ... this blog is for me ... I'll probably write more so check back with me. And BTW, I think all the women who read this should picture you as the young hot guy.

Jim~~ I'm smiling that I was able to stir you. Your encounter sounds very hot and sensual. That's actually more like I am in real life ... doing the small sensual things ... creating the slow burn, then before you know it it's boiling. Glad you had that experience. From what I've read of you, you certainly deserve those little "glad to be alive moments" and more.

Strangely, I posted this b/c I sent it to a guy a over a MONTH ago (before I even knew of AdultFriendFinder) and he never wrote back. Within two days of posting this here he wrote me an email in response. You think he's a fellow AdultFriendFinder'er?

ehsguy2 54M

11/22/2005 12:27 pm

Very nice, hot enough to be exciting but not crude. Feel free to practice your next story on me!

Justforfungirl5 49F
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11/22/2005 4:03 pm

Thanks Ehsguy2~~ That's actually what I wanted to know ... whether I had titillated without getting too crude. Glad you liked it. And thanks for the offer to practice on you. ) Practice makes perfect and I AM a perfectionist!

1stworkingguy 60M

11/28/2005 7:32 am

Naughty kind of good.I think I would like to hear the rest of the story when you get the opportunity?

Justforfungirl5 49F
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12/1/2005 3:49 pm

Hello 1st~~ Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I had a very busy one and ended up sick b/c of it. I'll try to get back into the swing of things and finish the story before too long. Glad to see you liked it.

1stworkingguy 60M

12/2/2005 9:42 am

Hello ~~5

Thanksgiving was good and a feast as always but the weather makes it seem as though we are in another state.You must have been busy? Glad to hear that you are still kicking and hope you are feeling better.

1stworkingguy 60M

2/15/2006 9:07 am

Maybe you can pick up where you left off? Just a quick hello!

Justforfungirl5 49F
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2/16/2006 4:09 pm

Hello 1st~~

Good to hear from you.

Yes, I'll get around to finishing the story. I haven't been on the computer much at all since the beginning of the year. I look forward to getting back on here regularly in a couple of weeks. I've certainly got some pent up "energy" so I should be able to finish quickly. (Ain't that the truth?! )

rm_anacortes 74M
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5/11/2006 4:41 pm

This is the MOST EXCITED I have been in ages!!!!!!

Your description was soooooooooooooooo good I felt like I was both YOU and HIM!!! WOW!!!!!!

Justforfungirl5 49F
68 posts
5/11/2006 5:13 pm


So glad you liked it. When I wrote it I imagined a really hot ending but haven't had the time to sit down and write it down. At least it gets the juices started, huh?

As I said in my em to you I hope to be getting back to the blogs soon. I think I'd really like to finish this one.

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