Have Sponge, Will Travel  

Justforfungirl5 49F
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12/18/2005 4:55 pm

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Have Sponge, Will Travel

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Memories ... light the corners of my mind ... misty, water-colored memories ... of the way we were ...

::::sound of needle scratching and forcefully taken off of the phonograph:::

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Annie Lennox, Love Song for a Vampire

Ahhh, that's better.

I was surfing the blogs this morning. Geez, you'd think my thighs would be in better shape with all the surfing I do. I ran across a blog that triggered a fond memory. Dear Lord, I am now so old that my memory must be triggered. When did that happen and why wasn't I consulted about it?!

The blogger "WhatDreamsMC" (It's a well-written blog ... go check it out!) divulged his desire to bathe a woman. I find that very sexy. Every woman likes to be pampered. The success of it, as with most things in life, is in how you go about it ... not the mechanics of it ... the attitude, the feeling.

The memory it jogged for me was of my first love. I was an 18 year old virgin and found a guy that although he was as passionate as could be, loved me enough to let me decide when I'd make love for the first time. He also allowed me, after some coaxing, to bathe him on occasion.
(He loved baths but thought we were playing with fire if I was to bathe him. Yeah, baby ... )

I'd sit on the edge of the tub and look longingly into his eyes as I picked up the sponge and soaped his chest. I'd only on occasion steal glances downward because I'd be so caught up in trying to communicate my love for him with my eyes and fingers. I loved the act of soaping him down and kissing him passionately. He'd always make sure to get soap on my clothes so he could suggest I take them off and join him. Never worked.

Wet, urgent kisses. Messing up my make up. Wet imploring hands in my long brown hair.

My favorite part was rinsing him off. He had beautiful tan skin. I'd towel dry him all over ... then inevitably would come that moment when it got serious and very quiet ... would I or wouldn't I? ::::dreamy deep sigh::::

I'm glad I held out as long as I did. Once the sex started the sensual baths were no longer ... replaced by showers that were fun, but no where near as sensual and loving. I think WhatDreamsMC has the right idea.

Have Sponge, Will Travel. ~~JFFG

WhatDreamsMC 61M

12/18/2005 9:57 pm

What a beautiful entry. I'm almost speechless. I don't think I can imagine anything actually more loving, tender, and caring.

Justforfungirl5 49F
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12/19/2005 9:42 am

Thank you,WDMC. So glad to have you visit my little blog. I really hope others check yours out as well. Most of all, I really hope that you find a woman (ok, women ) who will allow you to live out your fantasy.

Is it such a rare thing to find someone who basks in the sensual ... enjoys the journey ... instead of racing to the finish line? I hope not. I hope I am pleasantly surprised.

May you all be pleasantly surprised in 2006. ::: to all ::: JFFG

rm_anacortes 74M
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5/11/2006 7:35 pm

I am going to do a poll on my blog now... heheheh

ilsgicemru 72M
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2/24/2007 8:06 pm

...................... Fun Girl

That's a very sexy story .. Wow !! .. Would I loved to have that happen to me when I was 18 .. and I was so beautiful !! .. Gee .. I would have loved it if it happened when I was 21 and married !!! . Lol .. My wife just didn't do sexy things like that !!

Thanks for visiting my blog !!

...................... Gary

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