Fantasy ... unfulfilled  

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10/21/2005 12:51 am

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Fantasy ... unfulfilled

Wow. I didn't expect to be blogging again so soon. I had hoped to get some sleep tonight but find myself unable to sleep. There is an aching in me that just won't go away.

Normally I can dull the ache with a quick flip through the rolodex of my mind and find the one memory that assuages that gnawing deep inside. Not tonight ... actually, that just hasn't been working lately at all.

Tonight I was remembering a particularly fun night I had with a BF a few years back. It had always been a favorite fantasy of mine to go down on a man while he was driving ... relentlessly pleasuring him only so long as he kept the car in motion ... knowing how difficult it is for a man to keep focused on the road when he is being driven mad with pleasure ... taking him to the point of no return. I had tried that several times with my previous BF but he always made me stop ... afraid that others would see what we were doing. This new BF was more adventurous and I looked forward to finally experiencing the fulfillment of my fantasy.

We'd been dancing (always a huge turn on for me) and were on our way home from the bar. He was a good dancer and a fun lover with a beautiful, long, thick cock. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around it. As soon as he had gotten us on the main road I was sliding soft wet kisses down his neck and chest giving him an idea of what was in store for him. He smiled like a big, goofy kid when he realized I was going South and I wasn't just teasing. I wrapped my warm lips around his throbbing shaft enjoying the pulsing of his body and mine and sucking ever so lightly. I love to play and made sure to pull my long brown hair back to give him a good view. It wasn't long before he was telling me he was pulling over. Nope ... pull over and I stop :::wicked grin:::

He slowed and stopped but I looked up to see it was at a red light so I happily went back to sliding my tongue along that gorgeous head of his and sucking his delicious pre-cum. It wasn't long after we were in motion again that we realized the 18 wheeler in the lane next to us was keeping up even with our pace. I couldn't believe how incredibly turned on it made me to know that the truck driver was watching with delight what I was doing to my guy. My BF tried to shake him but was unable to and made me stop so the truck driver would go away. By then we were almost home ... so my fantasy went unrealized yet again.

No wonder I have such an ache inside of me. I started thinking about a lot of the fantasies I've had that have yet to be experienced (either through my own inhibitions or that of my lover). I never realized there were so many. I only hope that it isn't too late.

Have you ever come sooooo close to realizing one of your fantasies only to have it be left unfulfilled for some reason or another? Let me know I'm not alone in this ... or give me hope.

jim5131 55M
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10/21/2005 9:17 am

I commented on this once before: I was in Galveston on a frigid February Sunday night back in 95-96, trying to get back to Austin in my (thank God I was driving it) Chevrolet 4x4. The causeway bridge was iced over, as were all the bridges up to the Canadian was about 7 or 8pm..almost no traffic on the road..those 55 mph BMWs spun off shortly after passing me...I trudged up IH45 in 4wheel drive at 35-40 mph. Figuring I would forego the trip to Austin, I figured I could make it to our farm in Robertson County, north of Bryan/College Station. I almost got to the OSR turnoff and saw red Jeep in the ditch. It was midnight and I could see someone in the driver's seat. I was a woman...her suspension was damaged and the radiator was in the fan. Cell phone battery was dead. She was freezing, unable to run the engine and too far to walk anywhere. I got her in the truck and she called her father in Dallas. We made arrangements to get the Jeep towed out and to a shop in Buffalo, but it would be the next day before they could get to it. I took her to Buffalo..we sat and talked in a coffee shop. She was bright, attractive and a very sweet person. She kept in touch with her Dad, he was struggling to head south to get her. I had told her that I was going to the farm, only 25 miles away...I know she was thinking about calling her Dad and telling him to get her tomorrow and coming with me. We talked more...I didn't want to leave her there by herself..finally he got there at 4am. Darn. He was very appreciative, as was she....but the idea of being snow(ice?)bound and falling into the arms of a beautiful woman...a warm house on a frigid night..the rescue...

....and taken away at 4am at a coffee shop in Buffalo..


11/6/2005 10:06 am


WhatDreamsMC 61M

12/18/2005 9:48 pm

"No wonder I have such an ache inside of me. I started thinking about a lot of the fantasies I've had that have yet to be experienced (either through my own inhibitions or that of my lover). I never realized there were so many. I only hope that it isn't too late."

For all my funning, joking around, and wild exaggeration, this is exactly the reason I am here. I would not be able to say this better. It is EXACTLY how I feel. You are SO not alone.

Justforfungirl5 49F
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12/19/2005 9:48 am

Thanks, WDMC. I do believe in "Seek and ye shall find." Whatever we set our minds to, whatever we focus on, we bring to pass (even if we aren't conscious of it). So I am ever hopeful that it is not too late. ::: raising a glass of wine in toast to Possibilities :::

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