Monday 7 to go.  

JustaGuy40-1 55M
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7/31/2006 1:49 am
Monday 7 to go.

My vacation starts one week from today. MY head is pounding from all the work I did and the people I put up with yesterday. I really need to go be alone from the world for a few days.
Today's entry is going to be short as I'm returning to the gym this morning to start working out. I've had a couple of false starts but today is the day.
I'll be riding my bike this morning, it's 76 outside right now on it's way to the upper 90's I need to get my butt ready for long rides. I've rarely had the chance to get on my bike this year. and my vacation may be the last ride for the whole year. My garage starts the day I return.
Happy day to all

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