An Active day of doing Nothing  

JustaGuy40-1 55M
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7/12/2006 4:48 pm
An Active day of doing Nothing

As I sit tonight actually naked at the keyboard trying to massage my tiny self into an orgasmic state of relaxation (without making too much of a mess). My day was filled with only one meeting that turned into two. Both were for local government entities and also on the same subject that filled up most of 3 hours. Not really a terrible thing. What caused me stress was dealing with local building officals and functionarys. The amount of paperwork generated and time wasted just to build a garage is, well to put it susenctly and big pain in the ass. Plus I have to get permission to build. Like a school boy having to raise his hand for permission to go pee. This is unacceptable. But I want my garage so I get to live with it and help myself relax by looking at pornagraphic photos of hardcore hetero sex and helping myself along to happy land. Since I can't seem to get help unless I wish to pay for it, or have some poor woman drink herself into acceptance of my troll like features. Trust me, that take lots of cash or a really good line of credit to pay for. Both of which are in very short supply with me at the moment (building materials, Local building fee's, sub-contractors, and inspection fees).

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