A better day has yet to arrive  

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6/9/2006 2:01 am

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A better day has yet to arrive

Well I'm still looking for my better day to arrive. Yesterday, most deffenatly was not that day. I had to go to Pa for work,up at 2am on the road by 3. Arrive there in 5 hrs 15 minutes, but 10 minutes too late I stand around for 2 and a half hours waiting. get done there and head back. Vehicle starts overheating, go 300 miles with heater on full blast to keep engine cooler. loose 2 pieces of equipment off back of vehicle, Thank God nobody hit them. but the were utterly destroyed. Yup I get to pay for them. and then 45 minutes from home, Yup you guessed it Vehicle motor gives up the Ghost. I sit along side the road waiting for a tow truck. It's neat how fuel and oil mixed together on the dip stick runs right off, you hardly get a chance to see the bubbles in it. and now after a 21 hour day and 4 hours sleep I'm off to open the gym
well after opening the gym and a light workout I did what every right thinking person should do with only 4 hours sleep. I went back to bed. I feel better, but due to my lack of emailing people I seem to have been forgotten by my little group.Oh Well If this is the way 45 is starting out. It can only go up hill (I hope). I it gets too much worse I may have to go into hiding and just wait out the whole year so I can start over.and maybe get laid on my birthday this time. by the way I still haven't gotten laid as yet. Even after Promises by some great friends from over the years. Schedules are clashing is mostly the problem.
So with today off of work, I've found the Camera, I'm going to the Movies.
May your day be a great one!

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

6/9/2006 9:00 am


Yep,sounds like it's time for you to get laid!!

Lady Bambi

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