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7/30/2006 4:53 am

It's early morning and quiet except for the hum of the laptop clicking of the keys. I've already tried watching a movie, but a slow start killed that. Now I sit here, listening. To my son snoring and moaning in his bed as he sleeps. Wondering what he's dreaming of and if the are the same kind of dreams that I had when I was that age.
To the ticking of the clock, slowly marking time.
To the snaps, cracks and creaks of the house as it settles into the ground. Getting more comfortable sitting where it must.
To the traffic outside on the freeway. Motorcycles and semi-trucks mostly, cars are to quiet. Wondering where there going and where they've been, Maybe even what sights they'll see on the way.
To the central-air as it kicks on sounding like no wind I have ever heard, but comforting just the same.
I look out the back window, and see that it's fogged up from the humidity outside. Another hot oppressive day. I'll be looking forward to thunderstorm. I enjoy the sights and sounds they create as they blow through.
I think of things that need to be done today. What needs done verses what I should get finished.on list is always way longer than the other, I'll not tell you which is which.
I sit here and just feel the aches and pains of my body, letting me know that I'm alive. I streach out my arms and listen to my joints pop ans snap. feeling the pull of skin and muscle amased that this simple act has me feeling better, more awake, more relaxed!
I look tenetively at the pains of my soul, but quickly close that door. it's just to much to deal with on a nice quiet morning such as this.
so now I'll get a cup of tea, and just sit here and be one with the sights and sounds around me until somebody gets up and I have to actually do something.
May you have a peaceful day

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