On the matter of living life to the fullest......  

Just_us1234 43M/38F
8/28/2005 3:34 am
On the matter of living life to the fullest......

To the few who heard the ‘words’ of this rich poet…you are very welcome. As for the rest…the slow in belief…calculating…cunning… and without sound knowledge of good principles…lacking the insight to play your part…you were also deaf and slow in believing last season…. your mind created alibis for reasons to doubt this thing organize, harmonious philosophy happening…I placed many refreshed thoughts inside your minds, and then suddenly other questions flashed into your mind that demanded your attention. It seemed as if the whole world had suddenly achieved divine pardon…for into the darkness amidst the thorns and weeds, suddenly a light whose duty is to test the men hearts through all sorts of discouraging experiences brought the value of time. The starting point of all desire for the few…. who find themselves lacking the clear instructions of principles to gravitate above defeat.

I did this season ws your turn for I am a fair king…. and I also know the weaknesses of man. Now I burn the bridges, so the few may remain on this side, and none else will follow. Think I am being unfair? It is you who has been unfair. From the very first day I declare boldly my purpose and then I built open, and little by little the truth did unfold itself to the wise. Mark well this moment. Let it stand to distinguish all who succeed from all who will fail…accept your dominating thoughts as your portion…and you exquisite cleverness…because behold the darkness comes…and you still stand on the shore …from this silence onward…that is my victory…my astonishing philosophy of triumph…. and natures keen sense of justice… for I gave your spirit the jolt…and the understanding of the rebuilding of character, to arose your subconscious mind, and enable the captives to acquire freedom of thought, and the courage and clarity to shed the thorns and bloom. I did call everyone, throughout the world to the window of the darkness, to see the results of a controlled mind, which is the one distinguishing trait against the design of ignorance. Now I burn the bridges ---declaring it open again--- to the ways to reach the safety on the far shore…Lay in your beds…maintain your flow…good tidings shall not enter this remarkable illustration again. But to the few…you are very welcome. For rarely did I see you smile, or get excited…so of myself I wrestled the secret of victory, even from nature itself and my own pain…. and I have given it to you for free. Now study cause and effect, without bias or prejudice, and see if you too cannot acquire the marvelous spirit of faith, that will also enable you to wrestle victory from defeat. Careful analysis, of the interpret philosophical meanings woven into the lines, converted into wisdom…. and the growing distrust of the ways of the multitude, that have been cunningly enslaved through fear and who sit undisciplined in the outer darkness...will now be your knowledge with which, by your courage you can make your “breaks” to order.

To the multitudes I hope that you are living your lives to the fullest…. sadly that’s all for you Folks!!!!!!

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