When Is it considered over?  

JustThisGood 53M
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8/24/2006 11:46 am
When Is it considered over?

Here is question I am posing to the world of AdultFriendFinder. When is a relationship, of two people who are unmarried considered over? One of the two in the party has decided that the relationship will not work out for what ever reason. That one individual believes that he/she has expressed it clearly to the other in the relationship; but the other party refuses to let go and wants to hold on to what ever thread they may find. The one individual begins to move on thinking he/she is out of the relationship. The other is refusing to give up on the relationship, using circle of rhetoric and mincing words to continue to get at the other. Finally it is spelled out for the other individual, he/she still refused to believe the other said it was over. One day it finally hits home. Now the other, who refused to let go is spreading fabrications amongst the friends they held together.

My question is this, remember both individuals are single, when is it truly over?

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