The first attempt  

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11/6/2005 12:14 pm

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The first attempt

It will always baffle me how I seem to attract some extreme opinions about me from people. Ironically enough, it seems the less people know, the more harsh their view of me is. Those who don't know me well tend to view me as some ogre who doesn't respect much of anybody amongst other, even less pleasant, descriptive traits.

People who deal with me, though, will know that I'm a nice enough fella. I don't yell or scream about anything. I'm almost too nice as I am happy enough making jokes and listening to a woman's problems that my concerns and needs tend to get ignored a lot of the time.

It's even odder as I seem to attract people I really don't want to attract. In the last few years, I've dated two married women (unaware of their status when we started dating and it ended soon afterwards), was engaged to a drug-addicted hippie who'd fuck anything if she was near a body of water (and, yes, that is a factually accurate statement), and a Pagan (also legit truth).

Why do I seem to draw these kinds of women in? I suppose it could be that I am not like the guys they usually date; might even be that I'm not interested in judging them --- but it is irksome nonetheless.

Thing is, I'm the easiest guy in the world to keep happy. I don't cheat once we agree that that we both want to be monogomous --- before that point, I won't even ask what you're doing in your private life as it is none of my business. If "friends with benefits" is what is wanted, then what you do when I'm not around is no more my business than what I do is your business.

To keep me happy, ALL you have to do is at least pretend to give a damn about me, don't yell and scream, and don't expect me to do things you like sexually if you are extremely hesitant to do things I like sexually, and actually let me know when somebody is pissing you off.

Really is that so much to ask?

And these posts will shape up over time.

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