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She had just moved in to the city. A lifelong dream made reality after years of scrimping, saving, and a solid resolve to follow her dream. She had finally made it.

The moving company had just driven away with the last of her savings in their pocket, leaving her surrounded by brown boxes containing her past life, and the scuffs and stains on the wall left by the previous tenants of this 4th floor apartment in the bustling city.

Her dream could not afford the lavish luxury of "central air", so she moved in front of the window unit, and clicked the dial to HI. There wasn't much of a difference, but at least there was a breeze now.

She looked up, through the cloudy glass and saw him. He was an Adonis in a tee shirt. His sweaty body stood casually in front of his own dirty, steaming window, and she could see his perfect muscles moving with his breath under his sweat soaked tank top. She stared shamelessly, taking in the curves and bumps on his body, noticing the way he was holding his now-empty bottle of water, and how the waistband of his shorts disappeared beyond the window sill. She could only imagine the buldge in his boxers, and as she did so, her pussy gave a small spasm as it instinctually wet itself in anticipation. As her eyes travelled upward, she noticed the curve of chin, the lines of his lips. Try as she might, she couldn't make out the color of his eyes because of the distance. If only she could move closer... That's when she realized he had been staring at her the whole time. His eyes hadn't moved from her, as he took in her ever curve and contour as well. Her face flushed; her heart quickened, and her breathing became even more shallow. She suddenly became aware of how tight and erect her nipples were, and that her mouth and pussy were now equally wet. She could feel the blood coursing through her, but she couldn't turn away. She couldn't smile or even back out of view. She just stood in the window, locked in the cages in his eyes. She still couldn't make out the color. As she looked into them, as deeply as she could across the sunlit alley, he suddenly disappeared. Her mysterious god was gone!! Was he a vision? Was he a dream? She stood, still frozen, staring at the space where he had been before, trying to will herself to move. She felt the lips in her panties moving, as if to say "Noooo!!! Come back!!", and she finally snapped away from the window when there was a knock at the door.

She cursed herself for her clumsy flirting. She could have at least flashed him a charming smile! Anything to let him know she was more than a dumbfounded idiot staring at the pigeons on the sill!! She had NEVER been able to flirt, and now she was regretting it more than ever. As she stumbled around the boxes to answer the second knock at the door, she could smell her wetness, and she brushed her hand over her nipples in an effort to smooth them before greeting this stranger. She was distracted as she reached for the locks and twisted them, unfamiliar with her new process. She pulled heavily at the door, expecting to see a serviceman or a new, elderly neighbor.

And there he was, the bottle of water still in his hand. The sweat was still beaded on his shoulders, and she could smell his manly scent as in enveloped her. She stared into his eyes, still unable to smile, or to move. They were blue. A deep, ocean blue.

More later...

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