The road less traveled...  

JustAGuyInTn 52M
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8/2/2006 9:53 am

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8/16/2006 6:16 am

The road less traveled...

In the crossroads of life, we all have to make a decision. Do I go left, do I go right, do I choose not to choose and let fate decide? Life has many of these crossroads. Some more obvious than others. There are many ways to get to where you are going, some more direct routes, some... not so much. I look around me and I see so many who think that the destination is the goal. The accumulation of money, property, and friends is a measure of wealth and self worth. They look at me... those who have attained their goals, and those who have not... and they ask...

How is it that you have come to think the way you do?

I tell them that it is not the destination that is as important as the journey... they agree, but don't truly understand what I mean.

I tell them that the richness in life is what you carry inside of you, not what you can take with you... they nod in total agreement, not realizing that the journey is what accumulates inside.

I tell them, that when life comes to a crossroads, I look for the road less traveled... they look at me with a puzzled look.

How can you tell? What does the "road less traveled" look like?

I say to them, it is not the obvious choice, nor is it the easiest way to go. It is sometimes full of hardship, difficulties, and sometimes strife, but it offers its own rewards.

What rewards would that be?

The reward is that I see things from another perspective that few get to see. I see the goodness of man, the beauty of women, the wonderment of the universe we occupy.

There is one attruism of life, one very important constant that we must remember... it will go as fast as we let it. It's funny to me that so many would let such a precious thing go by unnoticed because they are so focused on "the goal". What is life if not a series of moments strung together to create events, era's, and lifetimes? How many moments do we allow to slip by unnoticed? How many people do we avoid letting into our lives because it interferes with our goal, or we fear may cause us to stray from it?

In the big scheme of things, life is in short commodity. The demand for life is high, and the supply is low, which in an economic sense should mean that any part of life is extremely valuable... the good parts and the bad. Every part of it is precious to me. Every life that touches mine is as important as if that life were my own, because it adds to my being.

How is it that I have come to think the way I do?

I will answer a question, with a question... that is...

How is it that I could think any other way?

lilac1964 49F  
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8/2/2006 3:25 pm

Life is more precious than gold... when our souls leave this earth, the material riches we haved gathered do not go with us. What we take is what we have gathered and learned during our brief time here on earth. Therefore, why should we spend all of our time and efforts "collecting" things that we cannot ultimately take with us. I find it a much better thing to allow my soul to grow through life experiences, enriching my spirit that much more!

How grateful I am for the experiences I have had laid before me up until now, including the opportunity to get to know you, dear sir, better! You have become part of me and I shall cherish that ALWAYS...


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