so. yep.  

Jun1per19 30F
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9/29/2005 7:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

so. yep.

ever get the feeling like lifes moving so quickly you cant catch up? even when you run as fast as your legs can go? i do, its already going into october and i feel like i should still be back in highschool, bitching about how i cant wait to graduate, how may is taking forever to arrive..

i feel like being in college im lost, i love going dont get me wrong. i hate getting up in the morning to go to class, but i love when i get there and am sitting in class. im getting more and more excited about graduating and having a career but scared because that means im getting older.

i use to not really care about getting older, and having tons of medical problems. why? because i use to live in the moment, never was there a moment i just sat and thought about things, i was always busy, either at parties or with friends or more parties, skipping school with friends etc. but now,i worry, im scared to grow up, im scared ill get old and crabby like my grandma, or negative minded like my mom. i like how i am now. and im scared that when i turn 80 years old ill look back and nothing will have had any meaning.

Im dying to travel, to learn everything i can. to see other cultures, to make a difference in peoplses lives, im dying to have something big happen. something that actually means something. im engaged. yes. why am i on this website you ask? i dont even know. i love my fiance' more then anyone could ever know. but im so use to how i was. i never had just 1 boyfriend, and if i did i always had guys on the side or a girl even. and i miss that, im not use to this one-person relationship. i dunno if ill ever meet anyone on here in real life for anything sexual, but maybe new friends? i dunno.

all i know is that life is going so quick i feel like screaming sometimes.. just wishing it would just stop.. so i could catch my breath ,so my legs could rest. does anyone have a stop button around them? cause i cant seem to find mine..


p.s its been 6 months since ive partied (fiance' doesnt want to till hes 21 and i use to live in Virginia and partied 5-6 nights outta the week! moved here and the only time ive partied is when i went back to VA the summer of 04' for 2 weeks and this part march for spring break, i went to visit some friends in GA and partied with them<3) and im DYING FOR SOME FREAKING ALCOHOL AND LOUD MUSIC AND SOME GRINDING! lol

funtobewithmetoo 59M
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9/30/2005 5:05 pm

Hi so. yep.
Seems that you should slow down and relax. Relax with an experienced man. Stop those legs from running, lay down, spread them apart, and let me take your thoughts off all those concerns of yours. First I will satisfy you orally and then we'll fuch until you come again and then I will come after you have been satisfied.

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