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Juliet610 51F
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3/25/2006 12:48 pm

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I Was Tagged

Recently I've been tagged by a couple of folks, and being newish here, I don't know who has been tagged and who hasn't. That's the long way of saying I doubt I'll pass the tag along. But, I will list my six weird things, ok?

1. I am a night person with a day job--sorta sucks.
2. I have a terrible sense of direction, so in hopes of improving it, I go for drives and intentionally try to get lost.
3. When I find I am indeed lost, I cannot stop and ask for directions--I have to rely on my dashboard compass to get me home. The longest this ever took was 3:20 minutes, but now I know rural Pierce and Thurston Counties rather well...
4. I have over 100 pairs of shoes, and less than 25 are tennis shoes.
5. I only allow myself to read "trashy romance novels" when I'm sick enough to stay in bed.
6. I sleep with my daughter's favorite doll and security blanket.

Well, there you have it. I don't know if they qualify as truely weird, but I figured they were things I do that most of the readers here do not.

Today's thought to stick to the roof of your mind.

Vick_Demise 44M
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3/25/2006 2:40 pm

I also have 1, 5, and 6; but 6 is my son's faves and 5 is trashy dectective novels (porn). I never can get lost and love to drive but always let others do it for it is my day job. I also used to have over 100 pairs of shoes but I've broken up the set since the alley cats have been fighting or fu**in' or whatever the hell it is they've been up to. I usually stick to about six pairs that are my faves though. Are you still awake? no... *turns to camera* I love to keep my audience riveted!

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You can comb your hair and look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

Wordsmith2004 36M
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3/25/2006 6:28 pm

Totally can relate to the directions thing, and YES I stop and ask...before you ask me if I'm like most menfolks

Agree absolutely with not reading the passion pulp stuff...why not "write" your own "script" every night?

Puttin' On The RRRIIIIIIttttzzzzzz!

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Juliet610 51F

3/26/2006 12:24 am

Vick, the whole day vs. night thing really sucks, doesn't it? I keep telling myself I'll get used to it, but it's been 5 1/2 years, and I haven't yet...

Wordsmith, the "not stopping for directions" was part of the weird things I do. I would dearly love to stop for directions, but the "rule" in this game I made up is I have to find my own way back. The only exception is if I have to be somewhere and the time is getting short. My whole point was that this was one of my quirks. Pretty much like I won't leave the house if my bra and thong do not match--not that anyone else would know--but it's one of the "rules" I have to follow...


reverend21 49M
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3/26/2006 2:39 am

I've been there, night person with a day job, yep, it sucks. What's wrong wth taking long drives to get to know an are, half the fun is discovering new things while you are lost.

rm_anacortes 74M
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3/26/2006 7:51 pm

Thanks for sharing.

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