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5/29/2005 8:41 am

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Pure Fantasy

My favorite sexual fantasy that seems to be playing over and over in my mind involves a threesome with a man and another woman. While I am straight for all practical purposes I have fantasized about using a strap on a man or another woman or both.
The scene goes something like this my best friend and I are out shopping in an Adult Toy Store looking for a gift for a mutual friend who just got a divorce after finding out that her husband cheated on her with another man. So my girlfriend and I decided she needed a dildo to use until she felt ready to bed another man. After all a girl has to do what a girl has to do in times of need. So as we are browsing the store we couldn’t help but notice a hot guy watching us looking at the various dildos and toys. He over heard me tell my friend whom is built like a supermodel with a luscious ass and beautiful tits that I had secretly wanted to use a strap on on her and another man. She was so turned on by the idea that we both immediately forgot about shopping for our friend and we purchased our own strap ons. The hot hunk approached us as we where leaving and said he would be glad to help us with our fantasy. So without hesitation my friend and I agreed to let him follow us to a restaurant for a quick bite to eat before heading back to my place.
We chose a booth in the back of the dimly lit restaurant and while waiting for our drinks and appetizers to come we got better acquainted with the man who would become our sex slave for the afternoon.
He was 43 years old but had the body of a 30 year old chiseled abs and a nice long thick cock that Dana and I discovered as we let our hands run freely under the table.
We discussed the limits and how we envisioned our fantasy to unwind and he seemed eager to help us.
So we ate hurriedly paid the bill and went back to my house. We all got comfortable on the couch and Dana and I took turns kissing and fondling one another and then kissing and fondling the man that sat between us and soon we where headed for the chamber( my room I use strictly for sexual encounters ). Dana and I tied our guest to the four poster bed with scarves and we took turns sitting on his face. Dana sat on his face first while I put on the strap on I had just bought it was huge and looked like a real cock. I joined them on the bed and was kneeling over Dana as she presented her luscious ass to me while still getting licked in the clit by our slave I used some ky jelly and lubed up the dildo and rubbed it between her ass cheeks she untied our slaves hands so he could reach around and spread Dana’s ass for me and slowly I entered her ass and she begun to buck and fuck the dildo with her ass as I stroked our slaves cock with one hand behind me. She squealed with delight and he moaned with pleasure. Dana came on his face and then she collapsed on top of him with the dildo still in her ass.
After resting a bit and me cleaning them both up with my tongue it was my turn to be pleasured by Dana only this time I wanted him in my ass while Dana fucked my pussy with the dildo. So Dana put her strap on on and laid down on the bed and I mounted the dildo and our slave got in behind me and as I fucked Dana’s strap on he fucked my ass with his cock. Dana has these lucisious tits they are firm and round with extra large nipples that where begging for attention so without slipping off the dildo or allowing our slave to come out of me I reached down with both hands and squeezed her nipples till they where firm and hard at that moment I experienced the most powerful orgasm I have ever had and cum was flowing all down the dildo our slave pulled out in time to squirt his load onto Dana’s tits where he and I licked her clean.
We rested again and caught our breath and had a drink or two when the slave said it was his turn to be fucked. So he got on all fours and Dana went first with her strap on while I stood in front of him using my dildo on myself easing it in and out of my pussy while Dana fucked him from behind. She was enjoying it so much she motioned for me to come and rub her clit while she fucked him and I was more than happy to help her. I rubbed her clit and sucked her tits while she pounded our slave. She came again and withdrew her dildo from his ass and I assumed the position to fuck him with mine. Dana decided she wanted to taste him so she got underneath him and sucked his cock as I fucked his ass. At the same time we all came and cum was everywhere.
Dana and I decided that we would find a new slave every other week and repeat the process again as we both where very turned on by the whole experience. But in the mean time we got naked again and had our very own fuck fest taking turns wearing the strap ons and licking and sucking each others clits I never knew another woman could bring me to some of the most intense orgasms I ever had. The times we shared with out a slave where the best but when we got lucky and found a willing boy toy things just got hotter for us.
Our next slave we found was walking down the street as we where driving home from the bookstore and video rental store. We had gone there to rent some porn and where heading home when we saw him. He was a hot looking black man in his mid 40s and Dana and I knew we had to have him. So I turned the car around and pulled in the parking lot ahead of the direction he was walking all the while Dana had a dildo stuffing her pussy as we sat and waited for him to walk to us. As he got closer I got out of the car and raised the hood pretending to have car trouble. Seeing our dilemma the man stopped to offer to help us and he was looking at the engine as Dana let out a moan of pleasure from stroking herself with the dildo. I watched his reaction as he walked around to the passenger side and looked in on Dana sitting there naked from the waist down sliding a dildo in and out of herself. The man had a hard on almost instantly so I pretended to find the problem with the car and asked him if we could give him a lift somewhere of course he didn’t protest and we went on our journey. As we where driving along Dana made small talk with the man and invited him to come back to my place and he said I would love too. When we arrived home we went straight to the chamber undressed and started fucking no words where spoken and the fucking went non stop for what seemed like hours before he came when I was deep throating him and Dana was violating his ass with her dildo. We cleaned him up and got him his clothes and showed him the door. He left with a smile on his face.
Dana has an insatiable appetite for sex and she was wanting more even after our slave left us alone so I got my strap on on and parted her legs and rammed it right into her pussy in and out as fast as I could until she came and she still wanted more so I went over to my neighbors house and invited him to come play with us. This man is your classic sex addict. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for the pleasure of having mind numbing sex. Before I brought him into the room I got Dana ready for him. I told her I had a surprise for her and asked her to put on the blindfold once she had the blindfold on . I brought my neighbor in and told him Dana needed to be fucked and sucked would he help me service her. Well of course I knew the answer would be yes so I sat down on the couch and watched this man ravish Dana’s body from top to buttom. He licked fuck and sucked her so much she was begging him to stop. Which he agreed to stop and then moved over to the couch where I was and he buried his head into my pussy licking and nibbling and tonguing my pussy I happened to look up and Dana was standing behind him with her strap on and whispered in his ear I am gonna fuck your ass ok and he nodded eagerly the harder she fucked him the more he licked and sucked me and we came

yarquo 54M

6/1/2005 5:33 pm

wow......an incredible story........i'm wonderin' who's the real sex addict......?
your neighbor, or you, yourself.........your fantasy was very stimulating......i read it a few times and in my minds eye, placed myself into the story wherever possible..................my fantasy........my fantasy is for your fantasy to come true, but i would hope to, want to , be participating in your pleasure........to pleasure you.................

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