Part 2 Of Amatuer Night  

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6/4/2005 8:35 pm

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Part 2 Of Amatuer Night

Now here is how the voting will work for your favorite contestant. Tips who ever collects the most money in Tips wins the competition . But ladies and gentlemen keep in mind that the ladies are amateurs and dollar tips are the maximum so it is 1.00 per vote. The winner of tonight’s competition will win a trip to the all inclusive Sandals resort Club Hedo in the Virgin Islands. Good luck ladies and gentlemen too.

As for the audience this evening there are about 150 people men and women with the men outnumbering the women. But there is one couple that stand out the most. Jefferson and Cher they are regular’s here at Club LaPus and r is a past winner of the pole dance competition.
Jefferson is a handsome gentlemen about 6ft tall and a slim build with eyes that pierce one’s soul. Jefferson is also a favorite of the ladies in the group rooms because he has a very talented tongue and a cock that would surely fill any hole the ladies desire. Cher is just your average woman from outward appearances but we have witnessed her in action several times here at Club LaPus and she has become a favorite of the men here at Club LaPus for her raunchy sense of humor and her ability to deep throat even the largest cock.

Then there is the Mandingo Gangbangers and when these men come to Club LaPus all the women line up for a chance to be their latest conquest. They love to fuck and suck a woman so much that even women who have never had a squirting orgasm start having them.

As the contest gets underway Jefferson and Cher find a comfortable couch in front of all the action and the Mandingo Gangbangers sit close by watching both the contest and making eye contact with Cher.

Clarissa begins her dance and slowly begins to strip out of her clothes when she notices Jefferson sitting out in the audience and she makes her way over to him and climbs on his lap for a brief lap dance. Jefferson leans back and Clarissa feels the warmth in his shorts so she rises up off of Jefferson allowing him to free his already hard cock from his shorts. Clarissa obviously likes what she sees and bends down to give Jefferson a tease lick on his cock and hand him a key. While this is going on Cher and the Mandingos are flirting with one another. Cher wiggles out of her tight cat suit exposing her shaven and smooth pussy and reaches in her bag for a dildo and begins playing with her pussy arousing the Mandingos and causing them to unleash their cocks from their shorts. Now Cher already aware that Jefferson has secured a key to be part of Clarissa’s fuck fest . She whispers in his ear darling I am going to go play you have a good time. So Cher and the Mandingos make their way to a private room upstairs and Jefferson stretches out on the couch to watch the show.

Meanwhile Cher and the Mandingos get into the private room and finish undressing engaging in small talk while getting ready for their private party. Cher lies down in the center of a large bed with soft restraints on it. One of the Mandingos ties her arms and her legs and the other men get ready.

Now the Mandingos are all very well endowed and very thick and Cher is wet with anticipation as the first man straddles her and she takes the head of his eight inch cock into her mouth slowly licking the head and then easing her mouth down onto him while the second of four men get’s in between her legs to eat her pussy she begins to suck even harder on the man in her mouth as her pussy is licked and sucked with a vengeance causing her to have orgasm after orgasm. The man on top withdraws his cock in time to shoot a large load of hot cum all over Cher’s tits and the man licking her moves into position to be the next one to be sucked by Cher. The third man gets in between Cher’s legs and teases her pussy with the head of his cock which is well over 10 inches and one of the largest cocks Cher has ever seen. As Cher sucks the man in her hot mouth she try’s relaxing so that the big man can penetrate her pussy and just as she relaxes she feels him push his way into her hot swollen pussy . While he is fucking her she feels a hand move down her stomach and to her clit to her surprise it is Jefferson who came to watch the action as the contest had ended and he was waiting for his shot at Clarissa. Jefferson begins to massage Cher’s clit as as she is sucking even harder on the cock in her mouth and the man fucking her quickens the pace and all at once with Jefferson’s skillfull touch they all cum at the same time.

to be continued

rm_fuckugoods 50M
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6/4/2005 9:19 pm

I am so glad that Cher has cum, but your wrong. I didn't. I started to feel her pussy, sqeezing my dick and I wanted to wait on her. This time, I move her on all fours without pulling out. I am standing behind Cher with my hard black dick still in her tight wet pussy. jefferson, lay your ass under Cher so you can suck her clit, while I fuck her pussy. It is so good. I have fantasized about pounding Cher's ass forever. My partner is weak. You are still sucking him. I am still fucking you, and Jefferson, is still sucking your clit. Damn, Cher, your juices are running down your thighs. I wish I could suck it. Wait, I can put my finger in it and lick. Cher, email me anytime you want. Invite me to your network.

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