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6/4/2005 12:04 pm

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"Fun, outgoing, non-judgemental folks. Ones that are open to their own desires and are not scared to pursue them. Could that be you? Let life be fun, open up your desires ,,,allow me to release your inner thoughts, (secrets as well)!!"

The person who wrote this in his profile should really consider changing it. I met him for the first time last night after chatting with him. I even knew we wouldn't be a good fit before I met him so I suggested meeting in a public place but he didn't want too so I let him come over against my better judgement because I knew already he wasn't a good match for me. When he got here though he didn't seem to thrilled to be here and I wasn't all that excited either but since he was here and I was horny we got down to business.
I wish I would have stuck to my guns about meeting some where for a drink because it appears that I was just another fuck to him since he informed me this afternoon I was not good enough for him. Well I am good enough for someone I am sure but when you say you want to get to know non judgmental people then shouldn't you be non judgmental too???? I would think so and if you meet someone and they are not what you prefer than be honest with that person it is easier to be honest and save face then it is to keep from getting into a situation you might end up regretting. I know I sure regret last night and will have a different way of handling situations like this in the future.

rm_jayR63 59F
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6/4/2005 4:30 pm

you REALLY f****d up having him to your home.

Don't EVER do that again!!!

Go with your instincts.

JuicyBBW1000 54F

6/4/2005 7:08 pm

I wished I had of but you know hindsight is always 20/20

rm_qcao1 48F
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6/4/2005 10:20 pm

Wow, I admire you for being so brave, letting a total stranger to come to your place. I would never have guts to do so, even though there are security cameras at my place.

Yes, you should have listened to your inner voice, rarely go wrong with it.

This is how I meet people, and never had any problems, but again, I only met few guys, could count on my fingers (I guess I am too picky after all).
I always meet a person in a crowded public place, usually very well controlled environment.
Majority of the time I try to fit two activities into one. For example, if I wanted to see a new exhibition in a museum I may invite them to join me, in case if we did not click, I still did not waste my time, and the environment is controlled and safe.

I rarely meet a person during evenings, and if I do, then it is a place again with high security: a crowded bar in a hotel with valet parking, and high security. Majority of the time, I know valet parking people and a bartender very well, and those people can get any information about anybody if needed (my secret- I tip well, it is worth it, and pays off).

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