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7/22/2006 11:30 pm

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Wow, today has not been my day at all.

First off I woke up and someone was out side mowing their lawn, turns out it was my dad, shot the guy already please.
***After a shower and getting soap and what not in my eyes 20, if not more, times; I checked my E-mail, to find that in my mail, there were double post of a lot of stuff.

So by the time I get to work, everything was going a little bit better, until stupid me kneed on my right knee to get a jam out of the stupid pocket, then I go to sit to clean the Micr and my knee goes out.
***I actually had to ask one of the team leads to help me up; I was in so much pain. I was ask if I wanted to go home by two team lead and a section lead, and I kept telling them that I was fine. (Trying to convince myself more then the people around me.)

After that shity day I get to go have dinner with the family. I don’t know how something that use to be fun, has turned into such a chore, you know one like cleaning the bathroom.
***Then when I come home saying I am only going to lay down for an hour, 3 and a half hours later I am awake.

Life really does suck, not getting any loving and can’t keep my days and nights straight. Boo Who.


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