I HATE GUYS!!!!!  

JsAngelBaby 31F  
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12/27/2005 10:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


This line from an E-mail someone has sent me has been bugging the shit out of me, so I thought I would hopefully get someone’s input on it.

The line: can i come over and play with those fat titties while i smack your fat ass and lick your fat pussy

I can’t remember if I blocked the person or not, and if I haven’t how do it?

Now I haven’t dated and all this stuff on this site is new to me but I wanted to try something different and stop being little Miss Goodie Good, and this line bugs me like no other.

Really do guys think if they talk to a girl/woman this way she is going to meet up with him?

I copied and paste it right out of the E-mail and that is why there are no caps, the grammar is all wrong along with the spelling. I’m one of those people that grammar is everything, sure I may miss spell words here and there, but the grammar is always right on or very close to being right.

Could someone really tell me if you would hook up with a person that writes like this?


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