Fun Day  

JsAngelBaby 31F  
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7/21/2006 9:27 pm
Fun Day

First of all, I lost my badge to get into the place, and then right as the team lead shows ups I found it. I swear to God I am losing all memory.

Secondly my transport wasn’t running like it should, so I kept Bryan there ALL day, and when he was helping me put checks back in order to be reran, he came along one that said “Bambi” and asked if she was a porn star. I told him that a lady of my age has no knowledge of that sort of thing. Of course he laughed.

Thirdly, PT was blah. But I did get to talk to Jeff a lot, which is cool, minus the fact that he is a married man. What is it with guys getting married when they are only 24 years old? Really, the most part it was good, only have to go once more before I see the doc. I can’t wait!!!!!

Yep that was my day, but lest talk about yesterday?
I was spouse to meet up with someone, and nope they never showed, how rude is that? No E-mail, or anything, how rude? Then when you do E-mail them about it they never E-mail you back.


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