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11/16/2005 5:48 pm

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So, last night when I was flipping through my December Cosmo in the middle of the Man Manual there is an ad for Paris Hilton's fragrance and you can see her nipple. Can we say sick? Well, I can because I'm not into looking at women, but still. I want to know how many other magazines is this same ad is in? If I was ever to flip through Teen People, Cosmo Girl, and/or Seventeen I would be more then mad. It isn't right that the young girls think it is all right to dress like the stars do now, but to let them see that it is ok to go around with such thin shirts on that they: A ) don't need to war a bra, and B ) it's fine to show off their nipples.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this ad being in Cosmo but if the ad was in any magazine that was amid at teens or younger, it would push the line too far. What are people thinking who do these photo shoots and pick out the pictures that they use for the layout? It's just wrong, sure it would be ok if it was a guy magazine but in my chick magazine it isn't right.

I don't know it just bugged the shit out of me. One of the many things in the world that I never wanted to see and I saw it last night. GRRR.


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