Changing of the mind  

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9/1/2005 9:50 pm

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Changing of the mind

So yeah, guys really suck ass, but anyhow who didn’t know that one right?

Any ways . . .

Tonight my friend and I went to see Undiscovered, it is a really good movie, low budget but still it is cute. It made me do a lot of thinking about my life and how things are going in it and how things have went in it. The one main thing that it made me think of is the band Rezolution, started here in the Salt Lake area now last I’ve heard living in LA. But at the same time it made me miss writing, and made me miss having someone around to make me want to write.

It’s funny four years ago there was a person that made me write something new every day of the week, then 3 years a go new person a little less writing, 2 years a go new person a little less writing, a year ago to today no writing at all. It amazes me how there has to be someone around in order to be able to write, but at the same time it shouldn’t amaze me, now should it?

I want to write again, but I have to have someone in my life to write about. Boyfriend no doesn’t have to be a boyfriend, just has to be a guy that makes me feel good about myself, and that makes me smile. A guy that just wants to hang out and do pretty much nothing at all, sure I would want there to be a little touching of the hands, and maybe the lips, but I don’t want him to think that I’m going to be fully with him.

I find it odd how a movie can make you really think about your own life and what you truly want out of it. I have made up my mind though, about what I want out of my life at this point in time . . .

I want a guy to be around when I want him around, I want him to want to hang out hold hands, make out, but I don’t want to feel like I can’t look around. This really can’t be that hard can it?


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