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8/28/2005 8:00 am

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Last night I was sitting online doing nothing but being bored, and this guy IMs me and without thinking I opened it. He asked me if I was Alex and when I said no he started swearing and then when I told him good by he came back swearing at me again. Now do I really have to go into why I don’t like guys? His profile wasn’t filled out, and trust me mine is, with pictures showing that I’m a female, and if pictures are worth a 1000 words then what is?

After I got that guy to go away, I was bugged by another guy that all he wanted was friends with benefits, and I told him I have had friends with benefits before and they always end badly or someone forgets that we are only friends with benefits and starts acting like it is more.

I really don’t believe how stupid people are when it comes to online conversations. Once someone says no then you should move on, and get over it! Then again it shouldn’t just stand in online conversations it should stand anytime you are talking with a person.

Now on a whole other topic, how can you miss someone that you haven’t touched before?


rm_Eric_Ryko 32M

9/3/2005 8:05 pm

Some people are really stupid, aren't they?

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