What Happed to good old Female MeatEaters!  

JrsyKnight69 40M
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5/13/2005 6:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What Happed to good old Female MeatEaters!

Just tired of seeing every profile for a chick on chick action, they are not into the whole male thing anymore. I love sex, I think sex is great I really feel life would get better is someone dipped me chocolate and through me to the lesbian's. The penis is great since I am a proud owner of the useful tool, I would like to poke the world LOL. Hmm? I wonder can girl lick better then a guy, could you tell the difference? Maybe there might be a contest to see who is better like the Pepsi challenge! That's and Idea put a girl naked on a bed blindfolded maybe she used to be lesbian or bi curious could she tell if a girl was doing the licking or a guy? Anyone get back to me if they feel the same way or interject to my thought of this Whole lesbian revolution?

curious_forfun 37F
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5/13/2005 7:48 am

To me it is more then "just the licking", it is the whole package. A women's soft skin and curves. Anyways....that is just my thought

Double_duece69 37M

5/13/2005 8:26 am

I think you have a very valid point. Most Bi women say that another girl can lick them better but I honestly think its just because of the excitement from being with another girl. I do believe however that she could tell if it was a male or a female doing the licking only because its hard for most men to keep a smooth face all the time. It is however a great question and a great post. I never once can recall ever failing to give a woman an orgasm through oral so I believe I could be of great competition to most of the women out there LOL. Let me know if you ever get that challenge going.

rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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5/13/2005 9:32 am

why are you calling it a lesbian revolution? I think more women are exploring their sexuality more openly these days, and maybe u haven't gotten used to it yet!! I, myself am bisexual, I love sucking a man's cock, and I love sucking on a sweet pussy!! You are just having a bit of bad luck, right now!! I know I dip my babies in chocolate!!! LOL!!! Anyway, just chill out, think about some of the things you say and don't lose hope!! You are a cutie!! But don't let your attitude about the "Lesbian Revolution" take away from people's interests in you.


LeEnchantress 55F

5/13/2005 10:22 am

well.... JrsyKnight.. i happen to love meat! lol
Yes.. i can hear ya loud and clear.. this whole, "oh.. i like men but i also like women as far as sex movement" has gone rather far as far as women are concerned.... And the very sad thing is that guys want to see this shit too!!!
Supposedly the guys keep saying that their VERY favorite fantasy would be so have sex with two bisexual women!! Cripeys.. i can see maybe the guy wanting to have 2 pretty women ravish him and him alone but when they have to throw in some lesbian action... sorry.. but it just makes me sick to my stomache to think that so many guys think this way!!!
The world is coming to a sad state of affairs (pardon the pun) when more women want to be with women than the do with men! Truly.. and what the heck could a woman do to you if you are a woman that a guy couldn't and then some? So what there are dildos... what is better than the real thing?
I have heard a guy say to me.. well. who knows better than your own sex what you like... Truly i wanted to go and cry when i heard that.. Why not ask the person (of the opposite sex) who you are with what makes them happy in bed.. Communication is what truly makes up great sex.. Well. that and chemistry...
And to me.. there's no better chemistry than to be with someone who's so different than you.. different genitals.. different skin.. different muscles.. different voice... that is what makes heterosexual sex so magical imho.
Yes.. i'm glad there are guys out there who don't like the lesbian or bi thing... Can i put you on a pedestal?.. Maybe in a glass case in a museum somewhere cuz you seem to be a dying breed.. Long live the heterosexual!!
: )
I don't know what is going on.. i find it sad too JrsyKnight.. maybe AdultFriendFinder could come up with a website devotely only to heterosexuals.. They have one for people in BDSM and all that type of stuff...
I also see guys acting alot less aggressive now... and not in a positive way.. You can hardly get a guy to buy you a drink now if you go out to a nightclub or pay much attention to you... What is that all about..? Are guys afraid to act like guys now.. and are waiting for women to take the lead or something? It's a very strange and frustrating world out there now for the str8 person i believe.
Thanks for this post JrsyKnight.. I agree with you 100%.

rm_WickedFemale 62F
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5/13/2005 6:25 pm

Being bi sexual, I have the best of both.
If asked which is better in oral, that would be the person, not so much their sex.....
~winks at you~

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