The Joys of Hook up with a Fat Guy!  

JrsyKnight69 40M
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5/19/2005 6:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Joys of Hook up with a Fat Guy!

I think life sucks for guys who are big, I mean I love to eat food not that it looks gross but enjoy it. But when it comes to sex I love it like I have said in all of my blogs. Yeah well maybe a guy that has six pack abs can go on longer then a big fat man. But the sex would be intense with a guy of stature cause he can have a Heartattack any time through it lol. I don't think really I am that big I wouldn't call me Large, and Few extra pounds either. I think I am Husky a lot more for me to give, I have big legs not fat muscle, and thin arms all my weight is in my in the stomach. I think by going out with me even if its for sex if you have the time to give me you will love me in the end. Cause I shower women with affection, I will do things that your husband doesn't want to do cause of fear of his feelings getting hurt. At 6'5 that is tall, I can really dance for my height and size so you know a dance club will be a good fit for me to meet at. I know I live down the shore I should be able to hook up, and I have but I don't want $60 for the gold member to go to waste. I want to know that I have met some great sex with benefits friends online and we have a good time. Also you might state that I have said I used to be a player well that's right and I am this size.

Just its still in me, at one time I was seeing at least 9 girls at a time, was I happy no not really I wanted one girl to be with. I wish I could have a Harem of ladies I think I can satisfy a group of ladies at least one after the other LOL. Just my thoughts for today, living in a world of Diets, and You are Obese society.

Is going to the gym really the point in what you look for in a sex partner? Or does size of his Penis is what you are looking for?

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