May 4th, 2005 Are there any Real People on this site?  

JrsyKnight69 40M
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5/4/2005 5:35 am

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May 4th, 2005 Are there any Real People on this site?

Just wondering since all the people are online and so many that meet each other out and about for sex or what have you. I just think that they aren't that many single ladies or attached or married that are looking for a roll in the hay. You know they say they want discreet relationship but then they don't email you back you aren't good looking enough, I just love the feeling when you have sex. I would love to just get up on a woman and show what I can do, damit if I was able to be a porn star I would at least I would have sex with a lot of different girls at one time. But I just think a lot of ladies I have met have been sending me to there web sites to buy there site and see there pictures or xxx porn site. I just think mostly people in my state or country don't really become one with there bodies till a later age not say all the older ladies in area aren't hot, but I would think being a huge site like this that there would be more women. Also I hate all the bi ladies looking just for a girl no men they are so smoking hot that they shouldn't discriminate that's just my opinion though. If anyone has dealt with the same stuff I have get back to me cool?

rm_tbone1943 73M
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5/16/2005 10:27 am

haven't actually hooked up with anyone from this site; I guess nobody's really interested in a 61 year old man who's had a stroke, but in my younger days, I did some pimping in N.Y. city. got into it by accident, you could say. I was doing some small-time dealing in those days, weed, speed, coke & acid only, no H! well, 1 night this well-built black lady of the rvening came ibto the club I wored out of on 43rd street to buy some acid I had just gotten in; I had already sold everything I had brought with me, so we had to go to my room to stock up, then she said she didn't have quite enough money with her, so 'could we work it off?" she looked pretty good, so I said "of course" she proceded to go down on me for a few minutes, then we both got naked & crawled on the bed. I had never been with a black girl before, so I was very fasinated with her dark, hard nipples, also, the hit of acid I had dropped about 20 minutes before she came in was starting to hit me pretty good, making me super-horny! Whar she didn't know was that when I was on any kind of drug, I would have a hard time getting off. no pronlem getting hard, but couldn't cum, so we fucked for a little over an hour & she came 4 or 5 times before we decided to quit for now. after she got dressed, she said " after tonight, you're going to be my Man" by which,she meant her pimp. she started bringing me money every night& buying me things, like flassy clothes , rings & chains, then, after about 2 weeks, she brought another girl & told her that she was going to be my #2 lady & don't think about holding out on my money, She started recruiting more young ladies & we were in "business". Life was good. will tell more later if anyone's really interested in the life of an old, retired pimp & dealer.

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