May 3, 2005 Wow summer is here!  

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5/3/2005 7:46 am

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May 3, 2005 Wow summer is here!

I goto love the beach, the weather is getting better awesome shorts time! Ok week will be awesome so much going on, let see Cinco de mayo which I will be loaded off my ass that day, what else going to meet a greet in morristown Saturday night which should be good. On my love life been macking with some girls out and about nothing to promising but they are cute going to hang out tonite with one. Its funny I might be a big guy but girls love a man that can have fun with, and the party doesn't start unless I am there! This site is getting good meet lots of ladies on here that want meet up with which is awesome this site was a great investment on my part. So to all don't hate the player learn how to play the game lol...

¡A todas mis señoras españolas mucho amor por usted! ¡Envíeme por correo electrónico cuándo usted quiere que yo venga a sus sueños!

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