Friday the 13th! Virginty Story!  

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5/13/2005 5:13 am

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Friday the 13th! Virginty Story!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my members blog to all my many readers out there. This week has been a crazy hectic one with meeting of lots of people. I have to say the Jersey people are quirky, someone at a function asked me a questions kind of weird. About my first with sex, it was woman so I agreed to tell her. This lady was smoking, great legs nice smile also and accent from Russia I think wow she had me on fire. I told her I lost my Virginity at the age of 12 yeah I know that's young but wow I was in the heat of passion at a young age. You know when you play game like Truth or Dare well it started with that but I am going a little ahead of my story.

Ok now don't get all weird out by the girls name she was a hot girl on block, her name was Holly Heights blonde hair, nice ass I think about it was short but sweet. She was like a tomboyish look but she was all woman with perky little breast. I think it started with her friend and Holly were smoking on the porch, and me and another friend that were just hanging stop on our bikes to shoot the breeze. So we were all just sitting there and Holly said it was too hot to stay outside, wow she got up with these tight little shorts that totally cupped her ass nicely. Her friend was Mary she was a typical "Burner" black hair a little thick with and Ozzy rules shirt on and I think spandex pants. Hey it was the 80s and that was the look. So we went inside and I thought it would be like the living room, but it was her bedroom and since I lived next door to her her house was exactly like mine same set up. It was a little dark with a tint of light coming through the blinds we started to talk about anything and everything it was serious at a point and then turned to sex talk.

So we talk about stuff we did, I said I have kissed a girl on the lips but, never deep and sucking face like what I saw in the hallways. So as quick's as I said it Holly jumped and started to go with me, wow her tongue was frantic in and out of my mouth not sensual, just really quick but in my eyes it was heaven. We started just play truth or dare and then it became to dare dare which is funny by itself. I know this is turning out to be a Novel I am sorry to the girl I was telling my story, she applauded me that how honest I was in my story telling. I told her that my life is an open book. So I quit all the small talk back to the story, Mary and Holly were both sitting on her bed and Holly said have you ever see a girl naked now mind you I am 12 she is 15 they both are, so holly as slow as she can takes off her shirt and like they were ready her little breast popped our stood there looking at me, the short were ever slower with these cute little flowery panties on, those came off. She was so stacked I would have married her if I could have been her type. Mary took off each clothing spandex they are tough to get on but easy to take off. Mary was thick like a milkshake or like a Vanilla tasting girl would be. She had nice big boobs, also keep in mind I have never masturbated till after my encounter with losing my Virginity. So you know the story we had to follow suit I took off my clothes slow while my boy just took them off. It was funny I am a big kid back then so I was shy about my weight but I think when Holly saw my penis she was staring at it. Not to brag but its at least 8 inch's erect and thick, I would say I was half black from the waist down lol. Well I have to say it was good time, but it got kinda weird that we were all naked so we just started to put our clothes back on. Mary had to jet and so did my boy leaving me a Holly together alone.

I went down stairs to say good bye, and Holly grabbed my hand and said you don't have to leave just yet. She says to me ooooo I have to pee grabs my hand pulls me in the bathroom and goes pee. That was another first she was so cute about going her again bathroom was just like mine small, she asked me if I had ever had sex I said no. I guess for her that was her green light leaned me back on the wall and she started to suck me off so gently I stood at attention with licking everything my balls, my inner thigh, on my head. Hold I need a moment I was thinking about how it was. And the girl I am telling this story to is just in Aw of me telling her my exact in detail about my first time. As she went down me she sat on the corner of the sink brought me close to kiss me, she took off her clothes easy and fast. Gradually she brought me closer to her using her legs on my back I put in her and it was tight, I never knew what tight was but it was so good we were in that bathroom like 20 min when I came she freaked and yelled at me. I never see what came out of my penis so I didn't know but she said it was the best she had ever had. I didn't find out till later it was her first time too.

Well mind you that this Russian girl I think got turned on a bit we were drink a lot during this conversation. So we went back to her car it was late, one thing led to another I ended up banging her on the roof her car, it was good. Not like my first but pleasant indeed, we still talk once in awhile the Russian girl but hey she will always think about that story we chat on the phone.

This just a little insight into my life, I hope you liked it.

Double_duece69 37M

5/13/2005 8:45 am

wow nice story. I wish mine could have as great but I had to work hard my first time. i was 14 but already knew alot about sex from my bro's porns and playboys. Anyway that was a great story.

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