Something I wrote..hope you like  

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Something I wrote..hope you like

I wrote this for a special someone..enjoy

It's late and I'm about to leave. My body weary from a long day working here. I start the long walk to my car, not looking forward to the twenty minute ride home. I arrive at my car and unlock it... when I hear a voice say.."Where you going?". I turn around and smile knowing my night is about to get alot better. My smile brightens as I see your face looking back at me. I see your face and glance down.. the long black trenchcoat covering from your shoulders to you knees. I can't tell whats on underneath but from the look on your face I have some ideas. I motion to the passenger side of my car and you shake you head. "We'll take mine", you say as you hand me your keys. "Wouldn't you prefer to drive you're own car?", I ask. "No, I wouldn't." you reply..smiling devilishly.

I get in the car and watch as you make your way around the front. Your trenchcoat blowing in the wind and I think I catch a glimpse of something else underneath..but it could have been shadows. You sit down next to me..your legs practically glowing in the moonlight. Leaning over you whisper in my ear... "Drive." "Where to?" I reply smiling. You put a finger to my lips and shush me. "We'll figure it out".

As I begin to pull out of the parking lot I see your hands begin to move down the front of your trenchcoat. Slowly pull it open. Out of the corner of my eye I see part of your breasts in the moonlight. I try to get a closer look but you push my face back to the road. "No concentrate on driving. Don't want any accidents do we?"

I try to concentrate on driving but can't now. I feel by heart begin to beat faster as I see your hand reach your thighs. Slowly it disappears under your trenchcoat. I hear what souhnds liek a slight gasp afterwards and I think I see your smile broaden. I see your arm move slowly up and down..back and forth..before your hand reappears. I notice two fingers slightly glisten in the streetlights. You take one and bring it to my mouth as you lean closely. "Wanna a taste baby?" you whisper..your breath and lips teasing my ear. Slowly you drag the finger across my lips and I get to taste you for the first time tonight. "Want another taste?" you say as your other finger moves in the air. "Yes" I whisper. You push the finger in my mouth softly and I taste you again.

You let your hand wander down my body now. Teasing me, gently touching my nipples, tracing them with your finger. I feel you move across my stomach and down one thigh. In response I feel myself tighten up a little. Without a word you seem to notice...your finger tracing my growing cock through my pants. Your hand presses against my quickly growing hard on. You begin to rub it quickly through my pants. "Enjoying yourself?" you ask. I can barely speak mouth dry.. I finally get out a quiet "Yes".

"Good, but you look like your gonna need to make some room in there." you reply grinning. Your fingers trace up and down my zipper before slowly pulling it down. I feel your finger slide into my pants and into my boxers.. tracing my vein with your finger. Your other fingers slide in and begin to pull me out. Finally my cock free of my pants you slide your hand up and down it. Feeling myself grow in your hands I'm having trouble concentrating on driving. I feel you stroking it harder. I feel your lips on my ear now...moving down my body.. passed my neck..then my chest. Finally I feel your breath on my head..followed by the gasp as I feel your lips and tongue envelop it. I feel myself enter your mouth..feelign you suck hard on me..your head moving up and down slowly.

I can barely concentrate now. I look all over for a place to stop. I feel your mouth and tongue speed up. My cock growing rock hard in your mouth and hands. Listening to you sucking me. I grow desperate now. Looking everywhere to find a spot.. finally I see one.. a small parking lot with no lights and no one around. I pull in, coming to a stop not a moment to soon.. your got my pants fully open and your tugging my pants down. As I turn off the car my hands move up and down your back. Finally finding the bottom of your trenchcoat and pulling it up. Finally I see you have nothing on underneath and look down at you and smile. You look up at me and smile back, my cock never leaving your mouth.

I rub a finger down your ass crack. Teasing you before finally reaching your wet slit. My finger runs down to find your clit already hard and ready. As I give it a quick rub I hear a soft moan come from you..muffled as your mouth is full. I being to rub it with my finger as my palm rubs your wet lips. I bend over and give your ass a quick kiss. My finger slides into you and I hear a deeper moan come from you. My fingers begins to pump you slowly. Listening I hear your moans come. And that just makes me harder for you.

I lean back now my fingers fucking you softly in time with your mouth. My other hand reaches under and continues to undo your trenchcoat. I feel your soft skin underneath and watch as your hands try to help me undo your coat. I put a second finger in you now as I watch your coat slide off revealing your naked back to the moonlight.

I pull you up and look depe into your eyes before kissing you. Our lips meeting and exploring each other. Each of my hands taking a breast in them ...running your nipples between my fingers. My tongue slides into your wait mouth as my hands rubs your other hand grabbing your ass. I pull gently on your cheek as my other hands finds your mound. I rub it as my lips go to work on your neck..kissing it..nibbling on it..caressing it.

You feel my hands push you a little..gently motioning for you to sit back in your seat. You sit back smiling as my lips move to your breasts. I look up and smile at you. "It's my turn now.". I say smiling. I continue to move down your lips and tongue playing with your stomach then kissing down on thigh. My hand them moves to the side and releases the seat. And you plunge back,gasping as you do.

You quickly lose your breath again as my tongue hits your wet lips. Starting at the bottom I put barely the tip in and slowly move up..spreading them a little as I go. Before finally sticking it to pull your clit out with my tongue. I quickly flick it my tongue before sucking it into my tongue sliding across it, up and down, side to side. Swirling it in my mouth. My fingers begin to massage your lips, spreading them, rubbing them, before finally penetrating you. As my fingers enter you I suck harder on your clit and listen to the soft moan of pleasure you release. I begin to tongue you fast..ym tongue darting back and forth across your clit as I put a second finger in you. My fingers begin to pick up speed also.

I feel your hands on my head trying to push me deeper into you. Pushing me down on your waiting mound I allow my tongue to enter you. Tasting you again is intoxicating..the smell your giving off fill my nostrils. My hands move under you and pull you further onto my tongue. My tongue pumping in and out fo you like a little cock. I feel you begin to ssquirm a little. I know your close and it spurs me on to eat you harder and faster. I pull your clit back into my lips as I feel your juices begin to dribble down my chin. You push me further into your waiting mound. My tongue sliding all over your clit while my fingers pump you harder and faster. "Oh god baby..don't stop..please don't stop." you whisper. I look up and see you..eyes closed biting down on your lips..tugging on your nipples. I feel your legs begin to squeeze down on me..I know your close and I speed up in anticipation. You moan and squirm faster now. Your hand tugging on my hair as I feel your legs stiffen. Finally I bite gently down on your clit.. and you explode. "Oh god baby..I'm cumming" you moan. I continue to work on your clit and finger you..felling your juices drip all over my hands and mouth. Finally you subside..the only sound you trying to catch your breath.

I get up and bend over and kiss you. My hard on rubbing your thigh. I slowly feel it rub against your waiting mound. I kiss you again more deeply now as my head pushed aginst you. I reach down and rub my head up and down your lips. You look at me and smile.."tease" you whisper. I smile and look down at you "And you love it" I reply as I push myself in you. You moan stifling any repsonse from you. I look down at you as I begin to thrust. You look back whisepring "give it to me babe, I need it". "Oh I will" I whisper back. Your pussy is so warm and wet and inviting..I slide in and out with no problem. My cock filling you..sliding in and out..I pull you legs up and put them on my shoulders so I get more leverage..our breath coming harder as I fill you. I begin to grind my hips feeling my slip in and out..bending down and kissing you. My lips moving over your neck and down to your breasts while I feel your juices drip down my cock and off my balls.

I begin to speed up now. My hips moving quicker. I bend down and kiss you sucking on your lower lip. I feel you beign to squirm again. Then I pull out of you. You look confused as i turn you over on your stomach. Then you follow. Pushing up to meet me as I grba your hips and enter you again. I pull you down on me. My hands holding you hips as I pump you. My hands moving up to your shoulders as I lean back...filling you more. I bend over my sweat dripping down onto you as my cock fills balls slapping your clit. I take a hand and give your ass a quick slap as I continue to fuck you. I whisper to you..."Like that baby". Your only repsonse is a soft moan of "Yes". I spank you again this time a little harder. Your monas growing louder I know your close. I begin to pump you faster lips on the back of your neck licking and kissing. I begin to feel my balls tighten a bit also..knowimg I'm going to lose it soon too. I slam you now..feeling my cock stiffen to rock hardness now. You feel me speediong up and getting closer as I feel your hand begin to rub my balls. In return I reach asround and finger your clit. Both of getting slow close..our breath coming quickly now. I feel your pussy close tightly around me as I pull down on you. I bite my lips feeling the tingle rise in my balls. You moan "You gonna cum for me baby.." and I whisepr back "Yes ...". I dig my hands into your shoudlers pushed myself deep into you. "Cum in me" you whisper "I wanna feel you explode in me". I pump you even harder now..grunting a little..not that you can hear over the sound my body slapping yours. Your hand digs into me as you moans hard..I feel you quiver and it finally lets me release. "OH GOD' you moan... and that finally pushes me over the edge. "MMM baby" I moan as my cock releases its cock exploding in you. You me spasm in hands digging slightly into you as I explode. Finally it ends ...and you collapse on your back into the seat smiling. I lay down next ot you and kiss you softly. "I hope you enjoyed your present" you say smiling. "Oh I did" I reply.. as we lay there holding each other..relaxing in the after moment, before finally falling alseep.

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