Hello - any sign of life out there?  

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11/7/2005 10:36 pm

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Hello - any sign of life out there?

Greetings. Why do you give a shit about what i have to say? Perhaps you don't, which would be your loss.

I am a seemingly normal 40 year old lawyer, with a sizable salary, an attractive wife, great kids, a beautiful home and absolutely no sex life. I ask for neither your commendation or your pity.

I knew when I got married nearly 15 years ago that I would be able to lead this sort of life of comfort and privilege at the expense of an active love life. It hasn't been for lack of trying - I simply married a partner who is a truly good person and who makes me a significantly better human being, but is simply disinterested in fucking around with me. While this is an ongoing frustration, I've come to accept it to some extent. Trust me, I've tried damn near everything to bring her around, but putting on the Barry White albums, watching porn, and wearing a thong just ain't gonna do it here.

I have tried any number of different ways to quench my seemingly endless search for kink and sexual satisfaction without jeopardizing my relationship with my wife and family - wanking to internet porn (thank God for intenet porn!), lap dances at strip clubs, asian massage parlors, escort visits, occasional gloryhole blowjobs received at the adult video store (though i don't really consider myself bi), and even a couple of (disappointing) visits to swing clubs as a single male.

I am new to Xmatch and question whether there is a legitimate opportunity for a truly normal, non-psychopathic person like me to locate my female equivalent (perhaps a sexually repressed stay-at-home "MILF" looking for some kinky fun during lunch time while junior is at school). While I'm ordinarily an optimist by nature, I'm also a realist, and understand that the vast majority of guys out there are creepy and/or full of shit, so I hold out little hope of finding my needle in the haystack. If nothing more, I'd at least like some opportunity to know that at least that people are reading this blog and have at least some pedestrian interest in what the hell I have to say. I can direct the contact of this blog in any direction you wish me to, be it a discussion of my life story, relationships, perversions/fantasies, ambitions, etc. I can make it serious and introspective or topical and humorous (which I greatly prefer).

Time for me to move on to more immediately gratifying pursuits. It's 1:30 AM and I have a severe case of "deadly seminal backup" requiring a few minutes of one-handed internet surfing. Ah, perhaps tonight's theme will be asian pornstars (love that Kaylani). G'night all. Joe

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