There is always hope.  

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10/10/2005 12:23 am

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There is always hope.

Now I am a realist and I am not trying to nab myself a university student or anyone in their early of mid 20's. Unless I have a lot of money those relationships hardly ever work and then are quite superficial. That's not to say I would not go out with a twenty something if she did not mind the age, but a long term relationship probably would be out of the question. If I meet one that rocks my boat and doesn't mind age, then I will seriously entertain the idea of a permanent relationship. So, I basically look for the mid thirty single woman. Still difficult as most look for men close to their own age. Some say, gee, Jon, why don't you look for the over 50 woman or maybe a woman in her mid or late 40's.

True, I guess I could.. In my case, I am still hoping that maybe I can have at least one more child so that is a reason. Many younger women are more sexually open than the older ones too. Well, These are just some of my observations and ranting's on this my first ever blog.. So this is Baka Jon... until next time.

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