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After looking for a real definition of the word I came across this, “The relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole”...

Curious isn't it? After trying to define what it actually is, someone actually managed to summarize it...

I tend to think people act and react depending on their perspective towards what they see and do. This is also influenced on how they got their perspective in the first place...

See, I come from a somewhere where image is everything. People judge you and act towards you depending on how good or bad you look. This in itself is quite harsh. Indirectly I'm saying quite clearly that people from where I come from are just plane vain. But then again, isn't that how must of us are like?

When we're out in a club or bar, dancing (or in some classic instances,just perving) away and looking around, we don't just stop... Go up to a sexy girl and ask, “Hey, because I don't you to consider me vain and shallow, I though I'd come over, and instead of complementing how good you look in that dress that seems to be your younger sisters judging from how much cleavage you got showing, I was wondering have you got a personality and intelligence to match ?” (apart from the fact that you'd probably get instantly smacked right after the final word, you'd reported to the bouncer and get kicked out of the club) no we act totally different from what we really are just to connect in someway that might lead us to what we really want.

But why? Why is so bad for us to be ourselves towards everyone?!

See this is where it gets interesting and this is where my multi-cultured life comes in to play. Back home, if I was to where and look like a total scruff bag, I'd be judged as a nerd or better yet as a guy with no sense of anything just because I didn't look the part of what a guy should really be. Even after I had a conversation I'd have to be someone else to be accepted.

Now people tend to be more tolerant with the idea of just because you look like something doesn't necessarily mean that you are something. I'd like to say that this happens often, but unfortunately it doesn't although it's not as harsh as where I grew up, it's still far fetch from what (in my opinion) it should actually be.

For example, why is it, that people think that the only way you can be professional is by wearing a suit? Why is it that just because you wear an armani you have class and style?

And most of all, why is it that just because you have a mansion and a Mercedes that you think you automatically gain respect and admiration from people around you?

The reason is quite simple, because most of us (generally speaking that is) give it... Most of us judge instantly on image, even before the first word is spoken we're already thinking, “damn I wish I was him”.

The guys wears glasses and baggy cloths........nnneerrddd....
The girl wears dresses with cleavage showing, she's a dirty bird...
Or the one I personally get a lot... The guy knows how to dress up... HE'S GAY!

My frustration comes from the fact that perspective as described above was blessed upon me at a very young age, I started living, thinking and sharing time with people twice my age and (that at the time I thought where) quite mature.

My perspective grew further and wider then the normal person, I traveled and met people I did things most people only dream about, I did all this until I got to a point that people around me, where using me as a reference bag towards their decisions and the way they saw things around them.

My point? I don't what to make one...

I just think the way you see things determines how you deal with them and I only wish that in the middle of all this bouncing people do between pillar to posts, they would stop, think, see and then take value for what other people and situations are and how much they can learn from it.

Cause at the end of the day, the more things we see and experience the more perspective we gain towards life.

Note: Slowly but surelly, I'm getting my writting back....

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