Fixing Katies PC  

John_notts 34M
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8/12/2005 3:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fixing Katies PC

The day started so well, I had fuck all too do, so after leaving my web cam pointed straight at my bare naked ass all night whilst I slept I thought I would start the day stroking my cock up on the cams.

Usally a good start to the day but this was about as far as it went. Straight after I had cum Katie gets in contact with me and asks for some help getting MSIE to work on her comp. No problem I think and I am on my way to Derby (Small town outside Nottingham). Not having met Katie before, only chatted on MSN etc I was pretty sure that this would be a straight forward job.


I approach Katies house and remember that I have been asked to "go round the back and to "let my self in" Thinking nothing of it I do just that. I call for Katie and here her shout to me to "come up stairs babes" "babes"...always a sign of trouble . I go to the study upstairs where I see Katie sat in a leater chair typing on MSN. Katie spins round the seat when it becomes clear she is not wearing any pants, just the skimpiest top ever. She licks her fingers and then strokes her clit, which is the wettest I have seen in a long time and says "Fix my comp John and I will let you fuck me" (ok paraphrased to save time, but you get the message.) Looking at her comp it was simply a case of installing anti virus and anti spyware tools. 15 mins.

The thing is, I need money...not sex!... Well both infact. And their is nothing worse than being with a girl 1 1/2 hours just after jackin it. Particuarly when you consider first impressions count...and I was not feeling much of an impression in my trousers. She may get the wrong impression...even the best of lads will be a little worse than normal!

So I explain to Katie that I do not offer sexual services on call outs and politly ask for my fee, Katie is disapointed but understanding and agrees to pay....wahoo!...I eat today!

Thing is I said no sexual services and seeing as katie now has her pants on, she asked that I tie her up for a 1/2 hour whilst I run an erand near by. "Ok" I say and thats what we do.

So whilst driving round the streets of Derby the enevitable happens when Sat nav fails you, I read a map. whilst reading I clip the curb, burst the front left and naturaly cry FUCK!

Checking the spare I find it to be nearly flat and so unrunable else it will be totaly shagged. So what, I am in small town, someone must have a pump?....well if they did have they were not lending!

Needless to say it took a little longer than half an hour. It took 2 1/2 hours!!! when I got back to the house I found a rather distressed Katie saying "where the fuck have you been?" I explained and Katie calmed down but was still frantic as it became clear her boy friend had been ringing her mobile (just out of reach on the table beside her.) Her BF would have apparently not approved of the situation...duh!

Whilst I was leaving the house I passed him on the drive way and took the oppertunity to tout my services of PC Repair.


Tune in next time for a day in the life of the PC repair

In other news I have got some extra pics on my profile of me all tied up in a m8s play room...

Hope you like!

readytolay3 56F

8/12/2005 6:17 pm

I Like

John_notts 34M
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8/12/2005 6:51 pm

thx X


Sorry, those pics are not up yet.

Stunning blond german with tan and the finest shave clit you have ever seen wanted cam sex

Had to be done.

Pics up in an hour of two

John x

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