a fantasy (part 2)  

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2/10/2006 10:54 am

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a fantasy (part 2)

They all laughed as they continued to stare at me. "Crawl over to Stephanie!" Stephanie was a large Black girl with a beautiful face and a very innocent presence about her, or so I thought. "Bitch, you will be Stephanie's foot stool." She lifted her thick, round legs, and I gingerly crawled underneath them as she rested on my back. As she crossed her ankles in the middle of my back and layed back, I suddenly felt a sharp, stinging pain on my ass. "Foot stools don't flich bitch!" I felt the pain once more, harder this time, and knew my master had brought her riding crop. Over and over she swung, striking my ass and nutsack with more and more force. However, I did not fall to my stomach, no matter how much my body begged me to collapse. Finally, I heard "that's enough," and Stephanie proceeded to take both her feet off my back and jab them in my ribs to kick me away.

Laying on my back now, I barely have time to notice Shinay has taken off both her jeans and panties. SHinay was black, very skinny, but VERY flexible and energetic! I barely had time because as soon as I began to notice this, Shinay sprung from the couch and announced she was gonna do her "cowgirl thang." She jumped down onto the floor quickly, her pussy landing right in the middle of my face. She began to buck, rubbing her cunt and juices all over my face, and yelled "lick it bitch." Between the sounds of friction her thighs made against my ears, I could hear my master saying "we're gonna run a train on this bitch's mouth tonight!" "We're gonna use you slut!" (to be continued)

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